The Apocalypse: Alex Jones And Tucker Carlson-Style


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Have you been able to sleep since watching Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson’s interview with Alex Jones on Thursday? Me either.

Before it started, I turned to my family and said, “I really hope this is a bust.” Tucker Carlson interviewing Alex Jones is definitely not something I had on my 2023 bingo card. And in my gut, I knew it would validate every single fear I’ve had about maco-society and the social apocalypse since my childhood.

So, here’s The Apocalypse, according to Alex Jones (and every single one of you who has known these truths in your heart for far longer than the last 12 hours):

Dividing Us So We Cull Each Other

People have always called me crazy when I say things like “BLM is a scam designed to ‘other’ the population into a race war,” but that was kind of the vibe projected by Jones in his discussions of macro-social decline. With examples like Klaus Schwab and Yuval Noah Harari’s World Economic Forum’s rhetoric, urging otherness and hatred between non-elite wealth demographics, Jones painted a horrifying picture of just how violent things could become.

And that’s not even the scariest sociological nightmare. Jones deep-dived into the open border crisis, and the mass migration of Chinese military-aged males and known terror cells into the U.S. His core prediction? There would well be a mass-casualty event, similar to those seen in Gaza on October 7, right here in the U.S. (RELATED: ‘Jeffrey Epstein With The Clintons?’: Lawyer Asks Alex Jones About Pedophilia. It Goes About How You’d Expect)

And for those of you rolling your eyes, thinking Jones is full of hyperbole … he was the only person to accurately predict the events of 9/11. And just like in 2001, the facts are on his side.

They’re Coming For Your Property 

Single family homes will no longer be a part of our future, Jones told Carlson. There are three big globalist organizations already destroying the American ability to purchase property by buying everything available and inflating the prices beyond the reach of any normal person. Why? Because if you don’t have a home you own, you have absolutely nothing.

15-minute cities are the dream dystopia for the globalist elites. And don’t think that escaping to the country will help. Eventually, the warlords of social destruction will come for those of us already living in unity with the land.

Before this happens, the manipulated population will see us rural country folks as backwards white supremacists who want everyone else to die. So let me say this now: none of this is true. We might be a lil redneck, but we just want to be left alone to live the way God made us: in peace and unity with the natural environment.

Weaponization Of Services

Can you survive without the lights on? What about if you can’t buy food from the grocery store? And would you be willing to become transhuman — e.g., being microchipped— in order to access state-owned food supplies, medicines, and everything else? (RELATED: ‘Massaging The Hole … With My Tongue’: Alex Jones Gets Into Mouthy Altercation With Judge)

If the answer is no, then you’re currently a lost cause. According to Jones (and our own research) microchips are on the way. The globalists also want cell phones and GPS trackers to be mandatory on our person and in our vehicles, so they can always know what we’re doing. Eventually cars will also be outlawed, too.

The Death Of Trump And Biden

One of the scariest forecasts brought by Jones was that neither President Joe Biden or former President Donald Trump will live to see the 2024 presidential elections. They’ll both either be assassinated, die of “natural causes,” or, for some reason, pull out. In Trump’s case, it would probably have to be an assassination, Jones intimated.

But, who would replace these two probable nominees for 2024? (RELATED: Thank You For Saving My Life, Gavin Newsom)

During an interview earlier this week, I tried to make the point that Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom’s debate was a potential sign of things to come before November 2024 … but the comment was cut “for time.” Now I think it was cut because it was correct. We were being shown a test-case for the real 2024 nominees, maybe …

What Do We Do Now?!

From what you’ve all told me in the last 12 hours, readers, friends, family … you all knew, somewhere in your subconscious, that what Jones described is probably happening. Mass control. Genocide via the culling of all demographics. Transhumanism. The end of freedom as we know it and as God made it.

The fact Jones came to Carlson with receipts is genuinely one of the scariest parts of the interview. Not only does he have a proven track record of correctly forecasting the future, but now we can all read the same stuff he’s been digging into.

It’s not the apocalypse we wanted, but it’s the one we may have to face. Or, we could always eat the rich?