Sweet (Beer League) Justice: Hockey Player Gets That A** Whooped After Hitting Opponent With Two-Hand Cheap Shot

[YouTube/Screenshot/Public — @DarrenFishman]

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How can you not love beer league hockey?

Things can get absolutely wacky in this version of the sport, with but a few rules preventing complete chaos from breaking out. And with this being the case, there’s sometimes vigilante justice involved from the players.

Just like this incredibly wild video you’re about to see where a player got his ass handed to him after hitting an opponent with a two-hand cheap shot. Oh, and not just that, but he also fled away like an utter coward, speedskating across the ice in an apparent attempt to get away from his opponents who issued him a beatdown anyway. And like I said, it was completely justified. (RELATED: Minor League Hockey Player Gets Punished For Shooting A Potentially Cursed Chicken Nugget Into The Crowd)

Published to YouTube by user DarrenFishman, the video shows two men’s beer league hockey teams getting into a confrontation over a bench. Not long into it, pure chaos broke out.

At first, it started with players from both teams pushing each other, but then things escalated when some idiot (on the red squad) decided to take his stick and hit his opponent on the helmet with a two-hand chop. And then, like a word that’s used to reference a cat (among other things), he speedskates across the ice to try to get away, and well …

I’ll just let you watch the video.


Damn, I love beer league hockey! I swear the craziest ish happens in this sport!

Two things:

1. Mainstream television networks like ESPN, FOX Sports, CBS Sports, etc. need to pick up beer league hockey, and

2. Sportsbooks need to add beer league hockey to their odds so we can bet on it.

It’s way too glorious to be short of.