Video Shows Horrific Wreckage At Dixie Chicks Star Laura Lynch’s Fatal Car Crash Scene


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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A TikTok video posted by user @mavmoto182 showed the devastating wreckage of the car crash that took the life of Dixie Chicks member, Laura Lynch.

The short video clip showed the extensive damage to Lynch’s car, as well as the wreckage of the truck that allegedly smashed into her during the head-on collision. MavMoto included a summary of what transpired leading up to the collision, as recalled by his wife and children who witnessed the alleged accident. He said a witness “ran up to Laura’s car, the windows were smashed out — she had a black mark on her neck and they checked for a pulse — and she did not have a pulse.”

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MavMoto said his family witnessed Lynch driving on Highway 62 outside of El Paso when a truck allegedly entered her lane while attempting to pass 2 other cars. That’s when the truck allegedly struck her head on.

MavMoto stated Lynch did have her seat belt on at the time of the collision.

He described how the other driver who witnessed the crash and stopped to assist Lynch turned his attention to the driver of the truck, who was still trapped in the vehicle with the windows up. MavMoto said the witness cut him out of his seatbelt and helped save the truck driver’s life by getting him out and away from the fire.

He then returned to Lynch and was able to cut her out of her seat belt just as her car began to smoke, MavMoto said. Lynch lay on the road motionless and without a pulse for several hours, according to the TikTok user. MavMoto spoke about how long the star lay dead in the road.

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“This happened at around 6:30 pm, my wife and kids did not leave the scene until about midnight. They wouldn’t let any traffic to drive by. They had to wait on a judge, coroner to pronounce her dead – ah deceased,” he said. (RELATED: Famous Artist Rushed To Hospital After Serious Car Crash)

The driver of the truck reportedly suffered non life threatening injuries, authorities said. He was reportedly taken to the hospital for medical care. 

Lynch, co-founder and member of the famous group, The Dixie Chicks, died in the crash on Dec. 22.