‘Thug’: Tyreek Hill Gloriously (And Hilariously) Blasts Fraudulent Colin Cowherd For Pure Miami Dolphins Hater-ism

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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…who in the Dolphins fan base is demanding respect from Colin Cowherd? (LMAO)

Cowherd, one of America’s greatest frauds, went in on the Miami Dolphins AGAIN on his “The Herd” television/radio show (get a life, will ya?), and this time, he specifically targeted the fan base of the Phins because — get this —apparently we’ve been demanding our respect from this clown.

Now as laughable as that sounds (all I’ve been seeing is pointing and laughing at this guy), Colin’s ego is so big that he actually believes this is going on, he’s dead serious, that’s how far his head is up his … well … ya know. (RELATED: What A Clown: Colin Cowherd Proves He’s The Biggest Fraud In America With His Miami Dolphins Haterade)

“It’s not my job to give you respect,” said Cowherd. “It’s my job to be honest. You have a singular playoff win in 23 years.” And then went on even more about how the win over the Cowboys isn’t that big of a deal after he already guaranteed a blowout in favor of Dallas — straight comedy.

But it’s not just Dolphins fans who caught whiff of this new brand of Haterade from Colin, so did Miami‘s superstar wide receiver Tyreek Hill, who posted on X (the former Twitter), “What sport has this thug played again.” And it was attached with a smiling emoji that was upside down.

I can’t get over how Tyreek called him a “thug” … the glory is real!

All I know is: Colin is gonna completely sh*t himself in February when we’re Super Bowl champions.

The Lombardi Trophy is coming home to the city! The GREATEST in the world, baby!

And ain’t a damn thing he can do about it. Take that to the bank with a cigar in your mouth.