RGIII Sits Down For Hilarious Interview With Internet’s Latest Viral Star


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The Noah Knigga saga continues. 

Former NFL quarterback and current analyst Robert Griffin III sat down on video chat with the internet’s latest sensation, high school football player Noah Knigga, and his family. 

Knigga went viral for his hilarious looking last name, which folks have been wondering how to pronounce. 

The high school linebacker finally cleared up how to pronounce his last name and it’s probably not what you think. 

“How do you pronunciate your last name?” Griffin asked, seemingly making up a new word in “pronunciate.”

“Uh so this is how you pronounciate it,” Knigga replied. “It’s Noah KaNega. You say Ka-Nay-Gah.” 

RGIII also hilariously asked the family if they’ve ever been to Paris, referencing the hit Jay-Z and Kanye West song “N****s In Paris” (RELATED: Miami Hurricanes Land Top FCS QB Reese Poffenbarger In Transfer Portal. Can He Get Them Back To Relevance?)

The family was initially perplexed by the question until Noah caught on. “I know why. There’s a song that says, uh, in Paris.”

Griffin also suggested the family make official merch, pitching them T-shirts that say “Knigga Please.” 

I would 100 percent buy one of those. That’s a no brainer if you’re the Knigga family. With the new NIL rules for college athletes being able to market themselves, the possibilities are endless for this young man. It’s good to see him having some lighthearted fun about it and hopefully he’s able to make a name for himself.