The Philadelphia Eagles’ Infamous ‘Tush Push’ Has Been Stopped! I Repeat! The Infamous ‘Tush Push’ Has Been Stopped!

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One annoyance down, another one to go (the Chiefs).

I’m one of those fans (Miami Dolphins loud and proud) where I don’t give a damn about what somebody has to say about my team in their losing times, and that’s a great trait to have with as much trash-talkin’ that I do about different franchises. I blame the anti-Miami “they hate us cuz they ain’t us” nonsense from the haters for making me that way.

And y’all know how I roll … if a team makes me feel annoyed or irked in any way, I’ll just crap all over them.

Insert the Philadelphia Eagles.

There are multiple reasons why they got on my bad side this season. The amount of help they got from officials was astounding (hell, I even came up with the nickname ‘Philadelphia Refereeagles’ for them), some of that bad officiating happened against my Phins, and speaking of that game, their fans were flat-out despicable toward our players. And then you have the whole Jason Kelce/Travis Kelce phenomenon. (RELATED: Bills’ Khalil Shakir Cashes Out My ATTD Bet With Absolutely Insane Touchdown To Lock Up Buffalo Playoff Victory)

Which brings me to another annoyance of theirs that happens to be the centerpiece of this blog: The “tush push.”

Everybody and their mother has been in love with the move, and you can’t blame ’em. Nobody has been able to stop it … until the Tampa Bay Buccaneers shut that ish down Monday night in their NFC Wild Card Round blowout win (32-9) over the Birds, doing so on a two-point conversion that was crucial for Philly.

In the second quarter, Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert scored a touchdown to bring the Bucs’ lead down to 16-9, which set up the Eagles for a two-point conversion. The Eagles then tried to sneak quarterback Jalen Hurts up the middle — which led to the infamous “tush push” being activated.

But it didn’t work! The Buccaneers stopped it! They stopped the “tush push!” Florida Man prevails!


No Dolphins, no Jaguars, no problem … Florida is still doing its thing — GO BUCS!