Tom Brady’s Waterfront ‘Billionaire Bunker’ Mansion In Miami Is Nearly Done, And Good God, My Boy Knows How To Live

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Tom Brady: The Miami Dolphin we never had.

The seven-time Super Bowl champion is building an absolutely luxurious Miami waterfront mansion, and it’s almost time for Brady to get it crackin’ as it’s near its completion, according to the New York Post (NYP).

Now retired and divorced, and obviously ready to mingle as we’ve seen through the news, Tom Brady is in the final stages of having his flash and dash bachelor pad completed — and ready to use for the ladies. The fly piece of real estate is reportedly in Indian Creek Island, an exclusive gated community known as “Billionaire Bunker.” (RELATED: Rumors Are Circulating That Bill Belichick Is Meeting With Atlanta Falcons Owner Arthur Blank On His $180M Superyacht)

And if you were curious, yes, this is the same mansion in Indian Creek Village that is sitting across from his ex-wife and Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen, the NYP reported. Luckily, there’s reportedly water between them to keep them separated.

But nevermind that, just look at this bad boy:

And this is exactly why I gamble, to eventually get to a point where I have at least 10% of a view like this in the 305. I know I’ll never get Tom Brady money, that’s one rich mother … shut your mouth … but I can at least get a slither.

Y’all have heard of Billy Walters, right?

That dude inspires me so much to get rich off this gambling hustle (and the media while I’m at it), and only a month and some change into it, I say I’m off to a pretty good damn start. I’m over here making some solid paper.

But I need … THIS:

Shoutout to the Trey, baby.