‘Shoot It!’: Say What You Want About LeBron, But He’s One Hell Of A Dad

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It’s official: LeBron James is a candidate for 2024 Father of the Year.

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers absolutely thrashed the Dallas Mavericks, 127-110, Wednesday night. And though that would normally be something to celebrate for a good chunk of time after the victory, the attention of “The King” shifted over to another basketball game within seconds: His son’s … USC’s Bronny James.

The Trojans, who were taking on the Arizona Wildcats, tipped off their contest while the Lakers game was going on. And though it was quite clear that James just wanted to watch his son, he still gave the media some time and chatted it up with them … while still watching the game. (RELATED: What The…? Fan Kicked Out Of Los Angeles Lakers Game After Weirding Out LeBron James)

It was truly a sight to see.

While answering questions for the press, James had the majority of his focus on the television in the Lakers locker room showing the Trojans game.

“Pull it!” … “Shoot it!” … LeBron was heard saying while also throwing some critique at Bronny’s teammates.


I know we’re not too fond of LeBron James here at the Daily Caller, and normally I’m not (he can be quite annoying and cringe at times), but there’s two things that can make me like this guy:

  1. His return to the Miami Heat
  2. Seeing him be a good father

Shoutout to LeBron for this, definitely one of the coolest moments of his career.

Here are some other cool moments of LeBron being not just a good father, but a good family man, period. Say what you want about the guy, but when it comes to his family, he’s absolutely aces.

Here’s a cool piece that was done on LeBron not having his father around, and how it made him a great one:

An outright stand up guy when it comes to family.