Harrison Ford’s Incomplete Star Wars Script To Be Auctioned In London: REPORT

(Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images for Walt Disney Studios)

Fiona McLoughlin Contributor
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An incomplete “Star Wars” script left behind by Harrison Ford in 1976 will be auctioned next month in London by Excalibur Auctions, according to multiple reports.

Ford, who played Han Solo in the original movie, reportedly left the script behind in an apartment he stayed in back in 1976, according to the BBC. At the time, he was reportedly working on what became “Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope.”

The script is reportedly the fourth draft of the original “Star Wars” movie, which was at the time called “The Adventures Of Luke Starkiller,” the outlet reported. The script includes pages varying in color, which demonstrates revisions were made to it, according to the BBC. The script also reportedly features characters and scenes that didn’t make the final cut of the movie. (RELATED: New Star Wars Movie Announced).

The owners of the apartment are the ones auctioning the script, the BBC reported. The script is reportedly anticipated to sell for between £8,000 and £12,000, equivalent to roughly $10,000 to $15,000 U.S. dollars.

Ford was “an excellent tenant, very tidy,” the owners stated, according to the BBC.

“He was an ideal tenant. It really was a fun time,” the owners reportedly continued.

The couple who own the apartment apparently found the script years ago but only recently decided to auction it off, Fox Business reported. They also reportedly plan to sell other items from the apartment, including a handwritten note of the actor, a call sheet, filming schedules, and a letter from Ford’s manager discussing future films and contracts, Excalibur Auctions said.

“The touching backstory to these items adds even more appeal for avid ‘Star Wars’ fans, and we anticipate huge interest from around the globe,” said Jonathan Torode, an Excalibur Auctions auctioneer, Fox Business reported.

The script will be auctioned off with Excalibur Auctions on Feb. 17, according to the BBC.