Jackson Mahomes Appears To Be Denied Access To Brittany Mahomes’ VIP Table, And She Hilariously Doesn’t Care About It

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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The Mahomes family is a friggin’ circus.

There’s always drama pumpin’ when it comes to the Mahomes family. I mean, hell, just a few days ago we saw Patrick Mahomes Sr. (Pat’s father) getting arrested for his not one, not two, but third DUI.

And now here we go with Pat’s brother Jackson and his wife Brittany — again.

A video started circulating on social media Saturday showing Jackson trying to get to the VIP table of his sister-in-law while at a Las Vegas club. (RELATED: Sean Strickland Hilariously Blasts ‘Weird’ Machine Gun Kelly To His Face)

“Jackson Mahomes got denied trying to get to Brittany Mahomes’ table,” reads the text overlay on the footage.

In the video, it shows Jackson talking to what appears to be a security staffer of the club, and it also looks like he brought up Patrick Mahomes’ name. But as you’ll see in the footage, it apparently didn’t work out for him.

What’s even more interesting is when the camera cuts to Brittany Mahomes, who seemed to not care at all about Jackson’s denial by giving an outright hilarious shrug, and then went right back to dancing to make this whole situation even better.


Damn, man … how cringe can one person be?

Jackson Mahomes really does take the cake. And Brittany Mahomes, I can’t lie, this makes her so much more likeable to me. Just shruggin’ the whole thing off and looking fly as hell in her rich girl-attire.

I can dig it, Mrs. Mahomes. I can dig it.