‘Uncomfortable With Praise’: LeBron James Tells Straight-Up Lie About Not Wanting ‘Farewell Tour’

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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LeBron James is a cold-blooded liar — we already knew that — but here’s another example.

If you ask the self-proclaimed king about being in the spotlight, he’ll tell you he doesn’t like it.


Nevermind the documentaries about him, the movies he’s been in, doing late-night television, playing for the Los Angeles Lakers out of all brands — no, he apparently doesn’t like the attention.

LeBron shared these comments while speaking with the press Sunday prior to the 2024 NBA All-Star Game. (RELATED: ‘I Hate Him With Every Fiber’: Charles Barkley Blasts Skip Bayless Over Bill Belichick Take)

Nobody knows when LBJ is gonna retire (I personally think we’re in for a Tom Brady-esque run), but we know the time is getting closer and closer and, as a result, the media is already asking him about a potential farewell tour.

“I have not mapped out how many seasons I have left. I know it’s not that, man,” said LeBron. “I also don’t know if I will … I was asked this question a couple days ago, ‘Will you kind of take the farewell tour, or will you kind of just Tim Duncan it?'”


Damn, why does LeBron have to lie so much? And why does he have to make it so obvious?

Let’s do better, king.