‘Yellowstone’ May Return With Longer Storyline


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The final chapter of “Yellowstone” will return with a significantly extended storyline, one of the cast members claimed Thursday.

Fans are praying we get a fulfilling and possibly final conclusion to “Yellowstone,” the epic cowboy drama from Taylor Sheridan that has taken America by storm, in November 2024. But it turns out we might be getting even more than we originally bargained for. Actor Josh Lucas, who plays a young John Dutton (Kevin Costner) on the hit flagship series, told Deadline that the second half of season five might have as many as 10 episodes.

“I did text Taylor [Sheridan] a couple of months back and said, ‘Hey man, I’ve loved working on the show so much.’ He’s like, ‘Well we’ll be back,'” Lucas told the outlet during a red carpet event.

It’s likely that Lucas will play a hefty role in season five, as Sheridan may need to lean on a younger Dutton to fulfill the storyline needs without much input from Costner. (RELATED: Stars Have Huge Predictions For How ‘Yellowstone’ Will Conclude)

Drama between Costner and Sheridan erupted in 2022 and has felt seemingly endless ever since. Debates over pay, shooting schedules and even Costner’s demands for an honorable character death, along with the Hollywood strikes, Costner’s divorce and other cast-related drama have left fans waiting for years to find out how this story ends.

The plan is for the final episodes to drop in November 2024 should production start in May or June. We’ve also been promised multiple spin-off series and a whole host of other shows from Sheridan’s epic development deal with Paramount.