An ‘Alpha Male Boot Camp’ Is Charging $18,000 For A Three-Day Stay … What Kinda Beta Male Nonsense Is This?

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This is corny on so many levels.

There’s some kind of “program” out there that wants to charge us males thousands of dollars for one thing: to transform us into alpha males. Or, as they label it, a “modern-day knight.” And in just three days at that.

But as far as I’m seeing, people are handing out dumb amounts of cash just to get yelled at.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’m sure there’s an alpha male here or there in the Modern Day Knight (MDK) Project, but overall … let’s just be honest here … you’ve gotta be a complete beta male to shell out $18,000 for a three-day stay at this place. (RELATED: What The … ? Caleb Williams Has A Pink iPhone And Painted Nails To Match (And Is That Lipstick?!)

The MDK Project is located in Chino Hills, California, and it’s listed as a boot camp for men who are “seriously ready and tired of making excuses” and want to transform themselves into “the husband, father and man that you respect and admire.”

Oh, and this is also only meant for men who are “Entrepreneurs, Executives and Leaders who are ready for a serious BREAKTHROUGH.”

And like I mentioned earlier (and how can you not mention it over and over again?) this “alpha male boot camp” is a whopping $18,000.

Here are the views of this “project”:


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Overall, the concept isn’t all bad … but still, that $18,000 price tag … you gotta be a pure beta male to pay that.