Destruction Plagues US As Multiple Extreme Weather Events Strike

Screenshot/Twitter/BrantlyWx/St. Tammy Parish

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A series of extreme weather events rocked the U.S. following Monday’s solar eclipse, bringing chaos and destruction to multiple states.

One of the most intense weather-related experiences caught on video in April comes from Chunchula, Alabama, where a tornado reportedly brought winds of up to 100 mph. In footage shared by AccuWeather, the twister can be seen dancing and destroying what appears to be residential or agricultural properties Wednesday as a kid says “‘cuz, that is a tornado.”

Over in Louisiana, drone footage captured the aftermath of an EF1 tornado that ripped through a community Wednesday. The town of Slidell seemed utterly torn apart, with trees having been ripped through cars as they piled up in parking lots.

Heavy water also lined broken roofs and flooded out streets, making clean up seem like an incredibly daunting task.

Flooding also hit New Orleans, Louisiana, with rainfalls totaling 2- to 4-inches an hour in some parts of the city, AccuWeather reported. Extreme meteorologist Reed Timmer was on site in NOLA when the waters started rising, giving his forecast and report of the incredible “dangerous” situation.

Timmer and his new mustache were also in New Roads, Louisiana, where the supercell storm ripped up plant life, causing “significant damage” and blocking roads.

Bad weather also blasted Texas. One video shared by AccuWeather shows enormous hail hitting cars in a parking lot in Dallas-Fort Worth. Rainwater also flooded out agricultural land, forcing farmers to rescue their horses from the chest-high waters near Kirbyville.

With hurricane season expected to start early in 2024, be prepared for more wild weather as we head into summer. (RELATED: US Cities Are Sinking Into The Ocean, And It Has Nothing To Do With Wild Weather)

The most important thing you can do to protect your family is keep an eye on the forecast, and use your best instincts. Some people have the ability to feel the weather coming before it hits. Don’t ignore those instincts.