Video Appears To Show Reality Star In Excruciating Pain After Alleged Knife And Acid Attack


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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“So You Think You Can Dance” alum Korra Obidi shared a horrifying video showing the aftermath of an alleged attack by a knife-wielding stranger Thursday in London.

The video showed the Nigerian dancer gasping for breath as she told fans someone threw acid on her face and injured her with a knife. She was crouched on the ground, as others around her called for assistance. An apparent bloody knife lied on the ground next to Obidi as she frantically splashed her face with Coca Cola in an attempt to stop her face from burning.

“My face is burning!” she gasped as she tried to catch her breath.


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“Can I have some Coke to wash it, please?” she asked an onlooker. Obidi splashed the beverage onto her face repeatedly while the camera rolled on.

“Higher, up here — you’ve got some blood up here,” a female near her said. “I’ve got blood!” gasped Obidi, as she splashed the beverage onto the area.

“The knife is still here,” a man said, seemingly as he was speaking to police on the phone.

The video clip appeared to show a yellow switchblade on the ground with what appeared to be blood stains on it.


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Additional video footage showed first responders flushing Obidi’s eyes and spraying her down to lessen the effects of the acid.

“Currently in an ambulance to the hospital, there was a knife, acid attack on me in the UK 🇬🇧 in the middle of a live stream,” she wrote to social media.

“There’s been a lot of hate in the past but this physical assault is a wake up call,” she wrote.

Obidi appealed to the public for assistance.

“If you have any information as to the attacker, black female. 5 foot. please forward to Korramanagement@gmail.com,” she said.

“Guys I’m in the hospital. Safety with travel is no longer a luxury but necessity. The acid was salicylic and I was lucky. Love you guys.”

Obidi returned to social media with another update after she was treated by medical professionals.

“I escaped with the best possible scenario and this [sic] I am grateful,” she said, as she showed her fans the scar on her face left behind by the acid and the slash mark on her leg.

“Hoping the investigations will yield some closure as to who the ring leader to all these attacks are,” she wrote.

“I have been suffering in silence for 2 years since divorce. Glad this was LIVE and there is ample evidence. Don’t want to wait till the worse happens and help will finally come. This can only be God 🙏🏾 Thank you everyone. ❤️ Outsider Out Now.” (RELATED: Famous Singer Duffy Breaks Silence Three Years After Kidnapping)

No further information on the alleged suspect has been reported at this time.