57-0: Taiwan Completely Obliterates Kuwait In U-18 Asian And Oceania Championship

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Bonkers! Bonkers! Absolutely bonkers!

Last weekend saw one of the most lopsided wins that the game of hockey has ever seen, and surprisingly, it didn’t involve nations like Russia or Canada (even the United States) bullying a lower-level country. The U-18 Asian and Oceania Championship was going on where Kuwait and Thailand were squaring off, with the latter getting a whopping 57-0 win that just flat-out doesn’t make sense.

Becoming a youth hockey powerhouse over the past few years, Thailand outshot Kuwait by an incredible 122-1 in the victory. In the first period of the contest, they racked up 17 goals, while scoring 28 in the next to follow things up. In the third, they added another 12 to end things.

And here’s another fun factoid from this game: Thailand has a player named Kenneth Nathan Thongsong — yes, like the Sisqo song. My man finished with four points.

57-0 though … what a game.

I knew Thailand was getting better and better in youth hockey, but holy hell, I didn’t know they could put a 57-0 score on somebody … do you realize how hard that is to do in hockey?

You probably do, it’s common sense, but I still can’t grasp the reality of how on earth this happened. Quite frankly, I don’t care how bad Kuwait is, there’s no excuse for that. And I don’t wanna hear that “but they play in the desert” excuse either.

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