Bill Maher Shoots Down Biden’s Morehouse College Speech Proclaiming America Is Racist

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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HBO host Bill Maher shot down President Joe Biden’s speech lamenting America as a racist country during his first-ever appearance on Fox News.

Biden invoked George Floyd’s death during his speech at the historically black Morehouse College to send the false message that police are killing black men in the streets and that black communities are left with “a trail of broken promises.” He further said Republicans wrongfully “don’t see [black people] in the future of America.”

“I think it’s not helpful,” Maher told Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld. “First of all, I think it was mis-anachronistic. That speech would’ve made sense some years ago. I think we should acknowledge that racism still persists and we should always be making remedial remedies for it, but we’re not in the past. I always keep saying, let’s live in the year we’re living in. We’re not living in the year where you have to be ten times better to succeed if you’re a person of color, and in some instances, it’s an advantage. In some places, it’s not an advantage. But we’re not living in the world that he’s talking about and I don’t think that helps anybody.”

Maher has repeatedly called out his own side of the aisle for becoming “goofy” and “woke” as they shift further to the left. He called out the left for ignoring “child fucking” if the wrong side is committing the acts in response to the Nickelodeon scandal during an April 20 appearance on his show, “Real Time with Bill Maher.” (RELATED: ROOKE: Biden Paints Morbid Picture Of Morehouse College Grads’ Future In Speech Meant To Uplift Them) 

He further slammed the anti-Israel protests that attempted to occupy college campuses across the U.S., leading to hundreds of arrests and violent clashes with law enforcement. Many Jewish students fled campus to ensure their safety as protesters intimidated them and uttered antisemitic chants.

He recently mocked Biden for agreeing to debate former President Donald Trump, saying Americans will search for “proof of life.”