Bill Maher, Greg Gutfeld Bicker About Trump In Maher’s First Fox Appearance

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Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Comedian Bill Maher and Fox News host Greg Gutfeld bickered Monday evening about 2024 presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in Maher’s first appearance on Fox News.

Maher has recently become a frequently critic of the Democratic Party and President Joe Biden, branding himself as someone who speaks for the “vast middle” and “normies” who are “tired of partisanship.” Gutfeld bantered with Maher as part of his “Gutfeld!” panel as he and the “Real Time” host dishes it out about Trump.

“So far, so fun?” Gutfeld asked.

“Uh, I have a few quibs,” Maher answered.

“Okay, go quib. Quib away, Mr. Quib,” Gutfeld said.

Maher told Gutfeld that “we’re not exactly aligned on the most important thing,” saying that Trump “is someone who does not concede elections.”

“That’s the most important thing that’s going on in this country,” Maher said. “He didn’t concede the last election, he’s not going to concede this election.”

“You don’t know that. You don’t see into the future, Bill. I don’t see your crystal ball,” Gutfeld retorted.

“Yeah, yeah I did. Because I was the only one who was talking about that way back when and everybody said, ‘Oh, you smoke too much pot.’ Turns out I smoke the right amount of pot.”

“There no right amount,” Gutfeld said.

“Can you really picture this guy going, ‘You know what, I lost. That’s it.’” Maher said.

“He did. He left. He left!” Gutfeld said.

“He left because he had to leave,” Maher said.

“Yes, but that’s what, that’s how it works,” Gutfeld shot back. “What do you think, he’s gonna like board up the White House? Pull a Straw Dogs with Dustin Hoffman?”

“Well last time he thought the other Republicans would, would back him up when he called that guy in Georgia and said, ‘I need 11,000 votes. I want you to find them.’”

“He said, he said ‘find.’ He didn’t say ‘create,’ he said ‘find.’” Gutfeld said.

“Well, that’s the same thing,” Maher said.

“No it’s not! You don’t say on an Easter egg hunt, ‘I want you to create some Easter eggs,’” Gutfeld responded.

Gutfeld said Maher’s criticism of Trump “feels personal,” to which the “Real Time” host responded that Trump “did sue” him. In April 2013, Trump withdrew a lawsuit against Maher over the comedian saying on NBC’s “The Tonight Show” in Jan. 2013 that he would donate $5 million to charity if Trump could prove he was not the “son of an orangutan,” Reuters reported. (RELATED: ‘Not Even High School!’: Ted Cruz, Katie Britt Joke About ‘Mean Girls’ Cliques In Congress)

“He did sue me,” Maher told Gutfeld.

“Did he sue you?” Gutfeld asked.

“Of course!” Maher replied.

“I don’t know that,” Gutfeld said.

“Really? You’re in news?” Maher asked.

“I don’t follow everything in your life, Bill,” Gutfeld said.

“Well, that was kind of. He sued me because I said he possibly was the son of an orangutan,” Maher told Gutfeld. “Because we showed the picture, he looks exactly like the hair color. It looks exactly like him.”

Maher admitted that Trump does not “present as old” despite being close in age to Biden.

“He’s like KISS. He puts on the wig and the face paint and it’s 1976 all over again,” Maher said.