Police Department Has A Little Too Much Fun Reporting How They Captured A Suspect

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Deputies from the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office found a wanted suspect in the dryer, and took a very casual approach when reporting the arrest.

The police received a tip May 17 suggesting where they may locate 31-year-old David Jerome Jackson. Jackson was wanted for a March shooting into a home, and on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, damage to property, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. They followed the lead to a residence on Edgewater Drive, and located the man inside the dryer, after an exhaustive search.

The police report, titled, “In the Dryer…Found He Was,” noted that “After an extensive search, deputies proceeded to the laundry room, where they finally discovered Jackson, folded, not so neatly inside a remarkably small dryer drum.”

The Escambia County Sheriff’s had some fun with their interesting find, and made sure the community got a sense of how peculiar this particular arrest was.

They issued a not-so-formal statement to their Facebook page, saying, “the look on his face, a combination of guilt, embarrassment, and warm hosiery,” and their chuckles essentially came right through the report.

The police went on to describe how they located the suspect and what was involved in removing Jackson from the dryer.

“He was pulled from the dryer one limb at a time, as he clung to his tumble-ready hideout,” they wrote.

They continued describing the unexpected scene they stumbled upon.

“Outside the dryer, deputies removed three dryer sheets, two mismatched socks, and a crumpled-up tissue from his surprisingly wrinkled Star Wars shirt,” they quipped in their report.

The officers were clearly having far too much fun with this one, as they went on to end their post by saying, “He was taken into custody. As always the case, all suspects are presumed innocent and free of static cling,” before shouting out to their team by writing, “Great job, D/South Deputies and ECSO Warrants Unit!” (RELATED: Police Officer Tackles Pig In Bizarre Viral Video)

They managed to locate and apprehend Jackson, in spite of his clever thinking, and are surely not going to forget this particular arrest anytime soon.

It looks like he ended up airing his dirty laundry!