At Least 15 Dead After Tornado-Causing Storms Hit Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas

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Jeff Charles Contributor
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Deadly storms have killed at least 15 people after raging through Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas, the Associated Press (AP) reported Sunday.

Powerful tornadoes whirled through the three states, destroying homes as well as a truck stop in which dozens of drivers were taking shelter from the storms, the AP reported.

Seven of those reported to have perished were in Cooke County, Texas, close to the border with Oklahoma. Three family members in near Valley View were also killed, according to the AP.

“It’s just a trail of debris left. The devastation is pretty severe,” Cooke County Sheriff Ray Sappington told the AP.

The sheriff explained that “Search and rescue is ongoing” and that the authorities have “already started to do recovery of the deceased, as well,” according to NPR. Two children, ages 2 and 5, were among the dead, the sheriff said, according to the AP.

About 100 people were injured and more than 200 homes and structures were destroyed, Gov. Greg Abbott said in front of the ruins of a Valley View truck stop, according to the AP. The area experienced winds estimated to be as high as 135 mph, the outlet reported, citing officials.

“The hopes and dreams of Texas families and small businesses have literally been crushed by storm after storm,” Abbott said.

At least five individuals were reportedly killed in Arkansas, including a 26-year-old woman who was found outside a destroyed home.

In Oklahoma, where two fatalities were reported, outdoor wedding guests were reportedly injured by the storm, which left tens of thousands of people without power. (RELATED: Another Day Of Tornadoes Hitting Multiple States)

A man was killed Sunday in Louisville, Kentucky after a tree fell on him as a result of a storm, the AP reported, citing the mayor.

These storms are the latest in a series of deadly disasters afflicting the Plains, Midwest and South in May, The Weather Channel reported. There were also multiple reports of hail and high winds in eastern Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Arkansas, according to the outlet.