Shocking Video Appears To Show Brazen Porch Pirate Snatching Newly-Delivered Package In Front Of FedEx Driver

( by Mariana Pedroza)

Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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An alleged thief was captured on video apparently getting away with pirating a package containing an Apple Watch just seconds after the FedEx worker sent it down in Columbus, Ohio, ABC 7 News reported Monday.

The video shows the brazen pirate making a beeline for the package and grabbing it while the FedEx delivery driver stood just two feet away, the outlet reported. (RELATED: Possibly The Worst Parent In America Caught On Camera In Florida)

Footage of the act was shared by The New York Post. The video showed the FedEx employee making his way to a house with a package, putting the package down and knocking on the door. A masked man could then be seen suddenly running into the frame from behind the worker and taking the package. The worker appeared stunned in the video and let out an “oh” as the man ran away with the package. The door of the home opened and the worker informed the owner “he just look your package. I put it down and I heard a movement.”

“I was shocked. I mean, I thought maybe it was a joke at first,” Kyle Dorsch, the homeowner, told ABC 7 News. “They said it’s been happening a lot in our area, so, you know, I just feel bad. It’s a lot of people, including ourselves, work hard to get the things we have and for them just to be taken.”

Ohio police have not yet identified or captured the alleged thief, The New York Post reported.

In an equally bizarre alleged package theft, a homeowner in Sacramento, California, shared a video in April that appeared to show a person disguised as a trash bag scooping up a package, ABC 6 reported. Another alleged thief in Massachusetts dressed less conspicuously and disguised themself as a GrubHub delivery guy, WCVB 5 reported.

But while some alleged porch pirates have successfully taken packages, others have not been as lucky. One New York homeowner lured an alleged thief by placing a decoy package in front of their porch in April and used a bat to hold the suspect in place until police arrived.