Hell freezes as Olbermann, Matthews rip Obama’s Oval Office speech [video]

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If you’re a Democratic president and even MSNBC can’t swallow your talking points, you know you’ve got a problem.¬† The normally Obama-friendly Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews and Howard Fineman harshly criticized President Obama’s first Oval Office speech for lacking specifics and relying on detached rhetoric to address the Gulf crisis.

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  • ImpressedByHonesty

    These guys have been questioning and wondering WTF for months now. You mean it’s’ just now getting out?

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  • milty

    Chris Matthews finally realizes that the feel good tingle running up his leg was really gangrene.

  • neverlate

    I think Matthews truly believes that the O-man can pull a LLoyd Bridges and dive down there with a knife in his mouth and cap the well. In his mind the only thing stopping Obama from doing this is some evil tea party person, and he doesn’t know why.

  • jeffersonian

    Could be a stunt – these three stooges might say anything to get a viewer…..if they are beginning to see the emperor’s uber-leftist, racist, naked body…..fine – it’s about time……I know Mathews is REALLY excited by that metaphor….Olbermann might not recognize a clue, it’s been soooo long….if he ever had one……never seen a guy try sooooo hard to be witty…..but then there’s that messy bm on the HBO lawn…is little billy maher crusting over yet????

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    It’s now dawning on everyone who fell for Obama’s infomercials while running for president that they’ve been bamboozled.