Murkowski refuses to say she would vote for Palin over Obama

Lisa Murkowski declined to say on Thursday whether she would vote for Sarah Palin over President Barack Obama in 2012 — despite insisting that she remains a Republican following her run as a write-in candidate for Senate in Alaska.

Murkowski, who declared herself the winner of that race on Thursday, was adamant that though she ran as a write-in candidate, she was still a Republican and would vote with Republicans.

“I am still a Republican,” Murkowski told CNN. “I am still conferencing with the Republicans. I retain my seniority that I have built as a Republican.”

But when asked if it would “be a safe assumption if it was between Sarah Palin and President Barack Obama, that you would support the GOP nominee? That would be Sarah Palin?” Murkowski would not answer the question.

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“We have a long ways to go before we hit 2012 and before we have to make decisions like that,” she said. “I’m still waiting, along with the rest of the country, to see what evolves from this process.”

  • ladylove

    she already answered that question, in an interview that I saw she stated that she did not want to see Obama fail.

    that tells me all I need to know about her.

  • FreedomRocks76

    While I like Palin’s politics I have shared the position that she does not hold the skills to be elected President let alone the skills to actually do the job.
    With that said, I am now so utterly disgusted with the attitude and behavior of Murkowski that, with the damage already done by Obama, it would be worth putting Palin in the White House JUST to see Murkowski’s freakin’ head explode.
    It’s going to be interesting to watch Murkowski try to replace Pelosi as the most repulsive and hated woman in America. But I think she could be just the c#@t to do it.

    • ladylove

      Palin has a lot more skills than Obama, I am not saying she has all the skills, but she loves this GREAT NATION, and that is a huge plus.

      my husband and myself are registered democrats, and we are seriously considering her,

      frankly the republicans screwed up on the last presidential election.

      they helped get Obama nominated by helping to destroy Hillary, thinking they could easily beat Obama, but then they choose McCain, when they should have chosen wiser.

      they need someone like Palin if they have any hope of winning.

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  • Willys

    Lisa Murkowski is not a Republican. She sacrificed that relationship when she ran against Miller in the general election. She should be allowed to caucus alone, in the ladies (not) room.

  • Offensive Bias

    Lisa’s trying to get back at Palin for defeating her Daddy. “Whose your daddy Lisa?!”

    With politicians like Murkowski, we wonder why the GOP has issues.

  • didacticrogue

    Lisa Murkowski does not play well with others.

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