‘Let the Jews have Jerusalem’

“Let the Jews have Jerusalem. It is they who made it famous.”

Those words from Winston Churchill were directed at his own Foreign Office in 1954. The prime minister was irritated by career diplomats’ bias toward the Arabs. Churchill had read from childhood the words of the Psalmist: “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem” (Ps. 122:6). He was a constant friend to the Jews.

When Churchill spoke, the Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest place, was off-limits to Jews. That’s because the Jordanians had occupied East Jerusalem since the partition of 1948. They had preserved the Muslim holy places, and allowed Christians some entry, but the Jews were forbidden.

Since 1967, Israel has controlled all of Jerusalem. That control was established when Israeli tanks smashed their way through the famed Mandelbaum Gate. It was the climactic moment in a six-day war that began when Egyptian dictator Gamal Abdel Nasser kicked out UN peacekeepers, blockaded the Israeli port of Eilat, and called upon all Arabs to “drive the Jews into the sea.” The U.S. and international law recognized Nasser’s actions as acts of war.

Now, the Obama administration wants to negotiate away Israel’s control of Jerusalem.

Should we pray for pieces of Jerusalem? That’s all that will be left if the administration’s policy is not changed.

President Obama went to Jakarta in November to deliver a stern warning to Israelis not to build any apartments for Jews in East Jerusalem. Of course, Jews could never rent apartments in Jakarta, because Indonesia bans Israelis from even setting foot in their country.

Yet Indonesia is a nation our president points to as a model of Muslim tolerance and moderation. It is also a land where Catholic schoolgirls are beheaded as they walk to school.

President Obama and Secretary Clinton have refused to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, as they promised to do during the campaign. Pro-Arab bureaucrats in our State Department have apparently talked them out of it.

By way of contrast, our U.S. Embassy in Germany picked up and moved from Bonn to Berlin when Germany was reunited. Jerusalem has not been given this honor.

Does anyone else think it’s strange that Germany — against whom the United Nations was first organized — gets to name its own capital? Or that the Obama administration respects that designation by sending an ambassador there? Who could imagine the president speaking out about plans for more housing in what was once East or West Berlin? The point is not to de-legitimize Berlin, but to give Jerusalem its proper place.

Giving up Jewish control of Jerusalem will not bring peace. Under Israeli auspices, Muslims, Christians and Jews are all allowed access to their sacred spaces. Surely, this generous action contributes mightily to the peace of the world. This policy ought to gain the Israelis some credit.

The level of openness and genuine tolerance in Israel occurs nowhere in the lands where Islam predominates. Churches in Egypt and Iraq have been bombed in recent days. Scores of Christian worshipers have been murdered. The pope has prayed for the victims and begged the West to help stop the persecution of the Church in Muslim lands.

We Americans are taxed to pay billions to Egyptian and Iraqi governments that this administration says are friendly. Secretary Clinton is demanding an additional $160 million to be paid out to the so-called Palestinian Authority (né PLO), the inventors of airline hijacking, for questionable humanitarian purposes. In PLO-ruled portions of the West Bank, children dress up as suicide bombers in schools named for “martyrs” who blew themselves up in past terrorist attacks.

  • Delaney

    So-called “Palestinians”: The Truth about “Palestinian” Arabs A.K.A. Arab immigrants’ children, grand children & the vastly vacant desolate land prior to the rise of Jewish return

  • Drahcir

    {(sarcasm on) Yes the people of Israel are oppressed.} They cannot expand their boundrys to cope with their population explosion. So they bully and push, excuse me They aggressively negociate and build on land the military gains. Who would have thought there was so many dieing to go home.And talk about a population,I’ll leave it at that.

  • Whitey Lawful

    This — from a nation-state that has the Seal Of Solomon on their flag — such pretension.

  • johno413

    I really have to laugh at those who assign the traits of others to Israel and Israelis. To suggest they are solely at fault for the tensions, that they are motivated to stop any peace agreements, or that they have hidden motives defies common sense and logical thought. It’s not to say they don’t have a role in the history of the battle, so to speak. But when you assign all blame to them, you must also find logical basis.

    Peace and agreement on land issues would solve many of the most costly problems for Israel. However, if you do not want them in the area at all, you would not want peace nor would you want accord on land control.

    To say otherwise is more emotional than rational.

  • samac

    150 years ago, this guy would have been ginning up biblical justifications for slavery on behalf of plantation owners.

    “We want the oppressed of many lands to look to America as their friend?” Are you really describing the Israelis as oppressed? Wow. That is some level of delusion. Is it the $500 per head in US taxpayer money, or the enjoyment of stolen property that has lead to their oppression?

    The ultimate coup in AIPAC’s lobbying campaign against US interests was selling the Biblical justification to the political evangelical camp in the US.

    I don’t want to contribute to the mistaken stereotype of these operators as a bunch of backwoods hayseeds, but in this case it would be charitable assumption- rather than the alternative view that they consciously supported forced relocation of Arabs, including the 10-20% of Arabs who are their Christian brothers, in order to get some cash from AIPAC.

    • johno413

      i would define a culture that could be “driven to the sea” at any moment were it not for their defensive diligence, oppressed. And you??

      It has nothing to do with wealth or productivity and everything to do with a threat to life. Get real.

  • samac

    “Let the US taxpayers keep the $3 billion a year they spend to help Israeli confiscate other peoples land.”

    Israeli is a great case why George Washington warned against foreign entanglements. The billions we spend there only harms our national interest. Yet the paid shills for Israeli in Congress keep asking for more.

  • JoeJ

    “Let the Jews have Jerusalem. It is they who made it famous.”

    Those words from Winston Churchill were directed at his own Foreign Office in 1954.

    Winston Churchill is dead, this is not 1954 – a lot has happened since 1954 – bad things – evil things done by Zionist Israel. Few if any middle east states have been able to stay at peace because of the corrosive cancerous nature of Zionism.

    Every year Zionist Israel gets more xenophobic – every year more land is stolen from the Palestinian people – every year more blood is stilled on behest of Zionism. Israel is dying as a Western liberalized state. The cruelty of the IDF is undisputed – Christian clergy is spat upon by Israelis.

    Zionism is an ideology – not a people. Zionism is a mindset, way of thinking – it is not the Jewish people.

    Why in God’s name is this Christian man, an employee of a Christian organization – supporting this evil mindset.

    • johno413

      So, you are suggesting that Israel has been committed disruption and chaos in the region, and not the reverse. That fails logic. If you believe so, you must assign reason. So, to what ends would Israel provoke?

      Every year they steal more land from the Palestinians? That’s laughably inaccurate.

      Face it, you simply hate them.

  • Free Willy

    “The level of openness and genuine tolerance in Israel occurs nowhere in the lands where Islam predominates.”

    True but its also true that the exceptionally low level openness and genuine tolerance in Israel occurs nowhere else in the first world.

    I think it is best to compare first world with first world, developing with developing and third with third.
    I feel that is a more worthy approach instead of comparing nations based upon their predominate religion.

    “We Americans are taxed to pay billions to Egyptian and Iraqi governments”

    Firstly you pay vastly more to Israel that you do Egypt and you know it and Israel shows basically no interest in forming a peace with Palestine, but still the money flows into this prosperous militant nation.

    And secondly when did the Iraqi’s invite the Americans over for a sport of redecorating? I can’t recall what I do recall in a near unilateral incursion into a foreign land based on trumped up and inaccurate information.

    My thoughts: Jerusalem should be split.

    Until the religious nutters on each side of the divide are given a back seat and more rational heads are given powers to ignore them this conflict will continue to the detrement off both peoples.

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