According to Craigslist’s ‘Missed Connections,’ CPAC attendees not looking for love

Where was the love at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference?

Held over the course of several Valentine’s Day eves, CPAC is often labeled as the “Conservative Woodstock.” At the very least, that should mean fiscally responsible love and experimenting with illicit substances (like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson).

Despite all these promising factors, as well as the vigorous debate aroused by GOProud’s involvement, there were few Craigslist “Missed Connections” at the event.

For the uninitiated, “Missed Connections” is the place to post the wistful remembrances of love’s fleeting embrace. Maybe you didn’t have the courage to talk to that stranger in the coffee shop. Maybe your eyes met just as she exited the train. Maybe you forgot to get their name or number because 13 tequila shots really is one tequila shot too many.

In Washington, the star-crossed gazing frequently occurs at politically-oriented events. Nothing says love-at-first-sight like: “Saw your eyes sparkle as Paul Ryan explained a deficit graph during a House sub-subcommittee on Obama’s budgetary proposals.”

Less geeky (but no less sweet) were the missed connections at both the Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally in August and Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. After Stewart’s October rally, which reportedly attracted 250,000 people, there were about 42 Missed Connections postings, according to TBD.com.

Meanwhile, CPAC had 11,000 registered participants and yet, there were only two Missed Connections posted on Craigslist over the weekend. Perhaps, it was the fear that other CPACers weren’t clean on the account of a rumored bedbug epidemic at CPAC’s host hotel. That or every man was too busy slobbering over a leather-glad Dana Loesch to imagine other possibilities.

No matter. Here are apparently the only two heavy-hearted individuals to attended CPAC.

Red line after CPAC – m4w – 23 (DC)

Date: 2011-02-11, 1:42AM EST

Around 10:00 we were both waiting for the red line toward Glenmont. I noticed your blonde hair and purple flats and our eyes kept meeting. Your smile and eyes are so charming, I can’t put you out of my mind. We rode the line together for a time, and I caught a glance as you spoke with the boys you were traveling with. I’m thinking of you. Contact me while you’re still in town.

  • junkmaninohio

    CPAC or People’s Temple? CPAC is nothing more than a campaign stop for Rep. Ron Paul and his followers. Kind of reminds me of Jim Jones and his idiot group of koolaid drinkers in British Guyana. Did you honestly think anyone else other than Ron Paul would win their dubious straw poll? No wonder so many serious conservatives choose to skip this evening at the improv. It’s a joke.

  • JDoe

    Thanks a lot DC…..now I’m hooked !

    I’ll have to keep coming back to see if these “crazy kids” find one another

    and end up together ! It’s like a political soap opera!

    Will the star crossed young lovers remember the train ride or the lingering at

    the dorm room at GWU and connect via Craig’s List?…OR (more than likely,

    they’ll heard about it via the DC)

    Will these young kids accept The DC’s offer attending “Atlas Shrugged” and


    What will happen next? one must ask.

    Seriously, the BEST news is that the GOOD, DECENT, HARD WORKING, youths of

    America are FINALLY waking up and seeing the sorry state of this once great

    nation and are no longer allowing themselves to be brain washed by EVERY

    university in the US determined to promote NOTHING by their European style

    Socialism !

    TO THE DC: If these kids do in fact call you, please advise, as I’d be willing to pony up for dinner and a movie too (maybe even throw in a couple dozen of roses and a heart shaped box of candy to boot ! 😉

    Happy V Day all !

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