Will Obama come to a Capitals hockey game?

Does Barack Obama hate ice hockey?

The most ostentatiously sports-loving president in recent memory, Obama has attended numerous sporting events around town, including college basketball games, Wizards NBA games, and Nationals baseball games. He’s famous for playing a ton of golf and this week, he invited ESPN to film him filling in his March Madness brackets.

In August, he event went to a Mystics game, the professional women’s basketball team which for years boasted about being the league’s “attendance champions” in banners hanging from the Verizon Center’s rafters.

But for the hottest ticket in town, the Washington Capitals hockey team, he’s been conspicuously absent. Sunday, his home town Chicago Blackhawks came to D.C. – and even visited the White House as reigning Stanley Cup champions – but Obama missed the Sunday afternoon game.

Obama promised Capitals owner Ted Leonsis in August he would attend a Caps game this season, but with only four home games left in the season, time is growing short (there’s still the playoffs, of course).

The National Hockey League wants Obama there. Bill Daly, the NHL’s deputy commissioner, told The Daily Caller, “There’s an open invitation. Leonsis has reached out and said anytime the president would like to come to a game he’s more than welcome. And hopefully sometime he will avail himself.”

Hockey-loving members of Congress want him there.

“We gotta get him there! I’m gonna get him there! I’m gonna get him there!” said Sen. John Kerry at the congressional hockey game last week. Reps. Anthony Weiner and Patrick Meehan also called on Obama to attend.

Leonsis wants him there, and thinks he’ll come.

“I am sure that our president will come to a Caps game; he loves sports; this is his second home and we are just awaiting a nod from his scheduler to get him to Barack the Red,” Leonsis told TheDC.

But will Obama, who has never been to a hockey game, show his face at the “Phone Booth?”

For Caps fans, it was the president’s stop at a Mystics game that really stung.

The Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg wrote Obama “seems like he’s going out of his way to spite the Barack the Red movement.”

He was referring to a petition drive by a Capitals blog to get Obama to attend a game.

“The President treats hockey like some of us treated the girl with body odor at prom; he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings, but he’s not going out of his way to dance with her either,” the Barack the Red site says.

A spokesman for Obama declined to comment.

  • jdtruly

    Another question is: If he doesn’t go to church because of the disruption and security issues, why, then is he able to go to any sporting event?

  • TommyV

    Hockey’s not real big in Kenya or whereever he’s from.

    Maybe he can still lace on those skates and show us if he can skate like he can throw a baseball and while he’s thinking about sports….who was his favorite White Sox player growing up? ;)!

  • RepublicansLIE


  • jmk1502

    Obama won’t go to a hockey game?? THE DAMN CRIMINAL!!! Unfounded right-wing hate for our fine President is mind-boggling.

  • JoeJ

    We have not had a real serious and qualified man in the White House in twenty years.

    Obama is the least of the three. The world is falling apart and he calls in ESPN to get his basketball picks.

    Sorry – but he is not doing the job.

  • Totzke

    glad there are really pressing issues like this one…. crucial…sorta like the country going bankrupt…

  • Scrap Iron

    I bet the true hockey fans would prefer he stay away.
    What with the attencant Secret Service personnel and all the security that takes place whereever he goes, I’d say. “Mr. President, go play some more golf.”

    • RuthenianCowboy

      “I bet the true hockey fans would prefer he stay away.”

      That’s just ridiculous. There are no “true” hockey fans in Caps country.

      “Mr. President, go play some more golf.”

      Perhaps the Caps can join him on the course after another first-round exit.