Maher calls for ‘sexual revolution’ to accompany Arab world’s ‘revolution-revolution’

On Tuesday night’s “In the Arena” on CNN, HBO host Bill Maher applied a different logic to push for change in the Middle East than many. While Maher said the revolutions in the Middle East are a defeat for al-Qaeda, he said it would take a sexual revolution to improve the standing of women in the Arab world.

“Yes, I do think it’s a defeat for al Qaeda,” Maher said. “But it’s not a complete defeat. There was a million woman march a couple of weeks ago in Cairo and about 1,000 women showed up, greatly outnumbered by men jeering them to get back into the house, as women should be. So, you know, I said this on our show a few weeks ago and people were upset. I often make my liberals in our audience mad when I talk about this subject, but I said, ‘You know what, if there is not a sexual revolution that is going to accompany your revolution-revolution, forget it because, you know, that’s part of it, is becoming a somewhat secular society.’”

The “Real Time” host’s remarks calling for a so-called sexual revolution come on the same day the National Organization for Woman (NOW) condemned Maher for calling former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin a “dumb twat.”

Nonetheless, Maher crafted his vision for viewers on the direction the Middle East revolutions should proceed – away from theocracy and Shariah law.

“I mean, al Qaeda draws its strength from religion, and we know this is a religious culture, much more than the West is a religious culture,” he continued. “At some point, they are going to have to make a break. You cannot have a sort of semi-theocracy where year getting laws from the Quran and so forth, and I worry about that. We saw the polls that were coming out of Egypt at the time of the revolution when [Hosni] Mubarak was still in power and a majority of the people believe in things like Shariah law. It’s a religious conservative society and I don’t think it’s compatible with democracy. I know liberals don’t like to hear that, that some people aren’t ready for it. But you know what, if you’re too religious, you can’t also be a democracy.”


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  • RivahMitch

    Be interesting to see Maher’s reaction when Egypt, Tunisia and Libya all become Islamist States with a strong al Qaeda presence.

    Wolfie, You’ve correctly identified some of their tactics. However, I don’t think you’ve stated the liberal strategy for protecting the U.S. I believe “The U.S. deserves to be attacked (but let’s be sure these terrorists know who their real friends are)” would be a more accurate statement of their strategy.

    • indy1

      Democrats and Radical Islamists want the same goal: the destruction of the US. Democrats like Maher think they can round those rough edges off Islam like oppressing women and executing homosexuals. Muslims are willing to pretend they will do it until they achieve their goal of the worldwide caliphate.

  • wolfie773

    Well, I agree with Maher here, but like most liberals he wants to have his cake and eat it too. He wants the good outcome but none of the messiness that comes from getting there. Where does he suppose this alleged “revolution” is going to come from? Wishful thinking?

    It’s similar to the liberal strategies for protecting the US from terror attacks. Protect us, but don’t profile. Protect us, but don’t jail terrorists without ‘rights.’ Protect us, but treat US citizens as suspects.

  • Saralinda Potts

    These two discussing a revolution for women in Islam? How about right here in the good ole USofA boys? You boys should clean up your mess before you go preaching to otheres. Maher only wishes he was a tw*t, at least he’d be useful. And Number 9? That mug is suited only as a janitor at NOW headquarters.

    • indy1

      Maher’s publicist told him he better get out there and pretend to be pro-feminist after his latest misogynist rant went viral despite the best efforts of the lib media to hide it.