House approves legislation to repeal FCC net neutrality regulations

The House of Representatives voted Friday afternoon to repeal the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality regulations.

The Republican-supported legislation passed by a vote of 240-179, with six Democrats and two Republicans bucking their parties.

During debate, Michigan Republican Rep. Fred Upton, who chairs the Energy and Commerce Committee, said that “the Internet is not broken, and this bill will ensure that the FCC will not break it.”

Oregon Republican Rep. Greg Walden, the legislation’s sponsor, argued that the repeal of net neutrality was needed because “Congress has not authorized the Federal Communications Commission to regulate the Internet.”

California Democratic Rep. Henry Waxman, who formerly chaired the Energy and Commerce Committee, said that the Congress “shouldn’t be wasting time on this legislation when there’s a threat our whole government is closing down.”

Waxman said, “This is a bill that will end the Internet as we know it and threaten the jobs, investment and prosperity that the Internet has brought to America.”

Timothy Karr of the net neutrality-supporting group Free Press released a statement in reaction to the vote. “This is not a symbolic congressional exercise,” Karr wrote, “it’s a scorched-earth campaign that leaves Americans at the mercy of a corporate cartel.”

Karr wrote that if the Senate does not block the legislation, “the FCC would be barred from enforcing its already weak Net Neutrality rule, and from acting in any way to protect Internet users against corporate abuses by AT&T, Comcast and Verizon.”

President Obama has pledged to veto the legislation if it does pass the Senate. Net neutrality regulations are strongly supported by FCC chairman Julius Genachowski.

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  • bozsbusiness

    Whatever side Wax@$$ is on, I will take the other. His silence since the repubs took the house back has been awesome.

  • GeniousIQ

    Net neutrality is a perfect example of why the tea party will never appeal to more than 30% of the population – there’s some issues that you people just don’t understand. Your trust of corporations is as stupid as the left’s trust of government – as if those are even two separate things.

    • samac

      Given their interest in history, tea party would do well to learn the history of Verizon and AT&T, that they inherited a monopoly that was won by bribing regulators and legislators with the promise of universal service (and a nice wad of cash) to pass rules that effectively eliminated competition.

      Is such a company now a champion of free markets? Hardly. Like leftists, they will f*&k over anyone and anything to control you and limit freedom.

      Net neutrality policy may be a problematic solution in search of a problem that doesn’t exist.

      But blindly trusting Verizon and AT&T just because Obama’s FCC is regulating them makes you a tool.

    • TommyV

      genious……I trust corporations because they have the same goals I have….to make as much money as I can! The governmwent’s goal is the same as you dopey progressives ….to control everyone’s life….see easy as pie…even for a pea brain like you ;)!

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  • lukuj

    I trust the corporate cartel way more than I do the government, especially the government under Obama.

  • kolaboy

    I wish the house would repeal whopping big nostrils.

  • fourleafclover

    Net Neutrality is Obama’s payback to Google for the huge donations made to his run for the president. Google’s relationship with the Whitehouse needs to be investigated. They have received large federal government contracts without other companies getting a chance to bid on them. Net neutrality will shift a lot of Google’s costs to all users on the internet.

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