Politico’s Vogel uses ‘Weinergate’ to take jab at Clarence Thomas

When you see stuff like this, you have to wonder whose side Politico is on anyway? Although they argue they’re not on any “side,” sometimes the outlet’s reporters seem to give themselves away.

Politico’s Kenneth Vogel, who has penned his fair share of stories over the months critical of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, sent out a tweet on Wednesday implying Thomas might be relishing in the #Weinergate controversy surrounding New York Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner. According to reports, an official verified Twitter account belonging to Weiner sent a lewd photo to a 21-year-old college student. Weiner maintains he did not send the photo.

“Know who’s probably loving #Weinergate? Clarence Thomas. In fact, given his porn affinity, I’m surprised Weiner hasn’t blamed the Justice.”

Over the past few months, Thomas has been a target of Weiner’s scorn, specifically the Supreme Court justice’s finances, which Vogel has reported on.