Antiabortionist Democrat Randall Terry challenging Obama in Iowa

The famous (or infamous) anti-abortionist and 2012 presidential candidate Randall Terry is releasing his first TV ad tomorrow, asking Iowans to vote for him in the 2012 caucus. But Terry isn’t one of the many potential Republican hopefuls who will make their case in the premier election state. He’s running against President Obama in the Democratic caucuses.

Terry, whose running mate is effectively a dead fetus, appears to have all the elements of more fringe conservatives. He begins the ad by giving Obama’s full Hussein-y name; borrows Republican Arizona Rep. Ben Quayle’s line about the “worst president in history;” rails against Obama’s “socialist” agenda; and beckons Iowa voters to do something very un-liberal: namely, voting with a sense of principles.

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Terry has been in the public arena since the late ’80s. The pro-life activist founded Operation Rescue, which became famous for blocking entrances to women’s clinics. Apart from his strong protests, he’s also known for strong, media-ready comments about politicians and doctors on the other side of the debate. Terry’s efforts eventually led to a bill limiting protests at abortion clinics.

This also isn’t Terry’s first bid for public office. He attempted a New York congressional run in 1998, as well as a Florida state senate run in 2006. In both efforts, he ran in the Republican primary. On his current campaign website, Terry has several “prototype ads” whose main focus is shocking images of aborted fetuses.

The ad will run prime-time in the Des Moines market on all the major local affiliates — CBS, NBC, FOX, CNS and ABC.

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  • ebony

    My name is Ebony, one of Randall’s “children”. He has thrown his “first” set of children to the wayside. He is hateful and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. If you dare to go against him he will hold no punches. He calls my little sister a prostitution whore and her children don’t even know him- they live in poverty and he lives in one million dollar home after another. He is trying to manipulate my little brother Jamiel into public silence so that he can go forward with this election nonsense because he knows what skeletons are waiting to fall out of that closet. People follow him blindly and with good intentions in their heart while he takes their money and lives a life of hipocracy. Someone needs to be able to stop him. Call him on his crap. I’m not afraid and I truly feel like whereas he may have began his journey 30 years ago with the best intentions, he is in a horrible place in his life and if the media stopped paying attention to him, he would crumble completely. He is an attention seeker and will stoop to the most insane levels to get it.

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  • cmccartn

    quite the slander… asking liberals to vote with principles, subtle yet puerile.. I like it

  • Taters N Beans

    I’ve always thought it was tragic that his mother didn’t abort him and flush him down the toilet.

  • http://lamecherry.blogspot.com lamecherry

    Interesting liberal bias on the DC in Mr. Winkler not utilizing the correct term that Mr. Terry is Pro Life and not antiabortion as Dan Rather defined it.

    For those who smear Mr. Terry as a “whacko” and couch their arguments in “what the left will smear” the right with………the left is already smearing Americans and the question is, Mr. Terry has taken a stand to educate Americans about aborticide in saving children’s lives, what have you taken a stand for except posting ridicule which backs Barack Obama’s position?

    Mr. Terry is peaceful, he is reasoned and he is making Barack Obama’s side debate an issue on what this is all about in the stealing of a child’s life by a billion dollar political and medical industry.

  • saraht1795

    Ugh. Extreme loudmouths like this guy (whether I agree with their basic principles or not – and for the record, I am as pro life as they come) just help the opposition by making it easy to point to the other side as a buch of “whackos.” Peaceful reasoned debate is a much better way to win any argument. Unfortunately the ones that get the media attention are the ones that get painted as “whackos” so it only continues.