White House defends Obama’s high dollar appointments

President Barack Obama has placed some of his friends — nearly 200 of them — in high places.

iWatch News reported Wednesday that roughly one-third of appointments made by Obama were either bundlers who paid out at least $50,000 to the president’s 2008 campaign or spouses of these high rollers.

Nearly 80 percent of the bundlers who raised at least $500,000 ended up in what the White House described as “key administration posts,” the report found.

But, according to  the White House, Obama has been completely blind to hiring candidates who donated money to his 2008 campaign.

“The president made clear that he would make political appointments, as every president before him has, but we have enacted ethical standards and levels of transparency that are unprecedented,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Wednesday upon the release of the report.

Carney said the White House stands by every appointment that’s been made.

The iWatch report, however, claims that Obama is not standing by the promises he made during the campaign.

(Obama, Boehner to meet on the green)

When Obama launched his campaign on Feb. 10, 2007, iWatch reported that he was quoted as saying, “(The lobbyists, special interests) write the checks and you get stuck with the bill, they get the access while you get to write a letter, they think they own this government, but we’re here today to take it back.”

Carney continued to insist that the president has every right to appoint former donors.

“It would be wrong if they weren’t qualified,” Carney said. “It’s not a disqualification for office to be a supporter of the president.”

The iWatch report also reveals that many of those donors who were appointed also have associations to companies that received millions in stimulus funds.

Carney denied any wrongdoing, stating that stimulus funds were doled out by a separate entity of the government.

“The vast majority of companies that got stimulus money, a process which is largely done in agencies … the vast majority of companies were not donors,” Carney said.

To prove that not all appointments were made because of hefty monetary contributions to the Obama campaign, Carney pointed to himself.

“I didn’t raise a half-million dollars,” Carney said. “I didn’t raise any money. I’m standing here.”

Carney’s exception-to-the-rule example isn’t that impressive. At the time of Obama’s 2008 campaign he was the chief Washington bureau editor for Time magazine and unable to contribute to political campaigns.

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  • SunnyJ

    After all, you cannot fundamentally transform the government of the USA, undermind the constitution and break down the economy without help from your friends. This is why the progressives selected Obama to be the front man…his job from day one was to smile, charm and sell the snake oil long enough to get in and get the shadow government in place. He’s done that. That’s why he also said from day one and is now repeating that he really doesn’t care if he is a 1 term president. It’s not rocket science to know that something already done is harder to roll back than going thru the appropriate process. It will take years to roll back the infiltration, administrative rules and corruption put in place.

    But, that’s OK, all we’ve got is time. One thing you know about the country and liberty loving american people…once they’ve drawn the line in the sand, they’ll never back down. Line has been drawn.

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  • ladylove

    it wasn’t like the warning signals were not up, before this man was elected.
    because there were.

    all anyone had to do was connect the dots.

    Wright, Farakhan, Ayers, Rezko, and the list goes, on, and on, and on.

  • johnoines

    Carney is just doing what he was hired to do, duh.

  • Florida Jim

    This is another of the Obama lies: “I will not appoint people on the basis of contributions”. Now the truth is slowly slithering under the Obama door as Obama has proven himself to be the same sleazy politician that we knew in chicago.We have learned about the sleazy Obama who has failed in every job he has taken or been handed.

    The Case Against Barack Obama-Gangster government by David Freddoso, In Gangster Government you’ll learn, among other shocking revelations:

    * How the Obama administration has used “czars” and “recess appointments” to install powerful bureaucrats, some with extreme views and shady pasts, without congressional oversight
    * How the Obama administration ignored the Constitution and reversed 100 years of bankruptcy law to reward its friends (the United Autoworkers) in the GM and Chrysler bailout
    * Why even the pretense of “cutting costs” in Obamacare came second to rewarding the Democrat-supporting trial lawyers’ lobby
    * Why, ignoring federal law, the Obama administration is trying to shield the TSA workers who search passengers at airports from private sector competition
    * How the trillion dollar “stimulus” was directed overwhelmingly at protecting government workers supported by the taxpayers
    * Why “green jobs” are all about shaking down the taxpayer for favored businesses–not about truly “sustainable” energy or jobs
    * How the Obama administration bullies private businesses and even state governments that don’t cooperate with gangster government

    Gangster Government is a devastating and revealing look at the momentous first two years of the Obama administration and its subversion of our Constitution and laws. It casts a hard look at a president whose training on Chicago’s political playground shines through every bent law and every broken promise.”

    It is time for the public to read and learn about the Obama we know in chicago and the lamestream media hid from us during the campaign.

  • kingfish

    How can this be “defended”? It can’t. Yet poor hapless Carney is out there every day “attempting” to pull the transparent wool over our eyes. It’s not working, Carney!

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  • TommyV

    What a jerk! Odumbo and Carney….2 peas in a pod. Is he kidding that’s why he’s standing there……a maroon of the first order. I wonder how much they have to pay you to get up in front of people every day and lie like a rug?

    What…no shame or embarassment? Maybe we can get an ATM to take his job. Another shill.

  • sunnyr

    This phony HYPOCRITE, Barack Obama, skewered George Bush for making political appointments and now we find out that he has made more of them in 2.5 years than Bush did in 8 years!

    Plus he has given some of them STIMULUS MONEY in the MILLIONS for their businesses on top of a plush Government job with cadillac benefits. This man is the biggest LIAR on the planet and he has to GO in 2012!