Newt says reporters are protecting Obama

BALTIMORE — Newt Gingrich said reporters are focused on the negatives of his fledgling presidential campaign because they are in the tank for President Obama.

In a brief gaggle with reporters before a GOP dinner here, The Daily Caller asked Gingrich his biggest regret of the campaign so far.

“It is so hard to get the news media to cover substance,” he replied.

He then drew applause during his speech before the Maryland Republican Party by saying reporters are focused on “trying to protect Barack Obama.”

Asked by a reporter if he’ll still be in the campaign when the Iowa caucuses take place, he said, “Sure, of course.”

While most of his senior staff has quit the campaign recently, Gingrich downplayed the significance. (Gingrich releases lengthy economics lesson)

“This was always a misnomer,” he said. “Of all the people who were with me before the campaign started, only one left. The people who decided they didn’t like what we were doing were professional consultants who were outsiders who didn’t understand my style.”

Gingrich, speaking about the staff who have left, said “at a time when 14 million are unemployed, it is really helpful to have people who are willing to talk about solutions as big as the problems.”

During his remarks, he said President Obama has failed the black community, calling Obama the “best food stamp president in American history.” He said too many people have signed up for them since Obama has been president.

In contrast, Gingrich said he would be the “paycheck president,” by focusing on the economy and helping people get back to work.

“Would you rather your children have food stamps or a paycheck?” he said.

  • PaullyLeaks

    Osama Obama Biden Bin Laden
    One coincidence? Two coincidences?


  • shipdog7

    Doesn’t Newt understand the more he “stands up” for his wife the more it makes him look ….. whipped?
    It is a noble thing to want to protect your wife and her image.
    But with his cheating background he sounds desperate to make this one work.

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  • kingfish

    Newt appears in this video (circa the Republican “contract with America”), which details how he discovered that it would only cost $300 million to BUY (“bribe”) every official in the federal government.


    This video starts with Gen Schlesinger, whose farm was stolen by the banks and the FED before all of us learned how onerous they are, and goes on to show explicitly what a constitutional crisis U.S. citizens have been in through several administrations. Obama’s actions are near the end. VERY eye-opening.

  • cutfederalgovernment

    Name one time when the media has not protected the left, particularly the marxist left.