Alec Baldwin: Bachmann inarticulate, full of s**t, someone to be feared

“30 Rock” actor Alec Baldwin took to Twitter Tuesday evening to rant and rave about Rep. Michele Bachmann’s fundraising ability.

Baldwin, who only started tweeting last month, suggested the Minnesota congresswoman’s early success is due to her connection with “thuggish interests.” He also called her “inarticulate and full of shit.”

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“Fear Bachman bc she is raising so much money,” Baldwin tweeted. “Anyone that inarticulate and full of shit who is raising money that fast…is beholden to some mighty thuggish interests.”

Bachmann, meanwhile, has mostly relied on large numbers of small donations to drive her fundraising campaign, the Associated Press reports.

  • URKiddinMee

    Hmmmm? Methinks it’s time to rebroadcast Ol’ Alec’s expletive diatribe directed at his own Daughter. “Inarcticulate” has a poster boy in Alec.

    I don’t know whose picture will accompany the definition for the word “HYPOCRITE” in the next encyclopedia, but I’m absolutely CERTAIN it will be a democrat!

  • SirVincent

    Someone whose rhetorical arsenal is limited to a handful of expletives and vitriol has chutzpah to call someone like Bachmann “inarticulate”?

    Hey, Alec! Profanity is a crutch for one who is crippled in the mind.

  • dennisl59

    Just another Conservative Woman Hating Male Chauvinist Pig.

  • gadsdengurl

    Wow no one could be more thuggish than Obama and his elitist moneyed backers. (Soros, etc)