TheDC Review: Laura Ingraham’s ‘Of Thee I Zing’

By poking fun at everything from the newest in mommy couture to teenagers who say “like” excessively, conservative radio talk show host Laura Ingraham points out several ways U.S. culture is declining in her new book. “Of Thee I Zing: America’s Cultural Decline from Muffin Tops to Body Shots” keeps readers laughing from beginning to end.

Through her satirical analysis of annoying cultural practices and habits, Ingraham gets laughs by pointing out habits most people find irritating, and by jabbing at mannerisms some of us are guilty of ourselves. If you hate it when tone-deaf drivers sing loudly while holding you hostage in their cars, or when parents dress their children scantily — Ingraham calls them “prostitots” — then this book is for you.

In the book, Ingraham reveals some remedies for a few of the most exasperating social offenses.

When Ingraham suspects her neighbors only invite her to their parties to keep her from calling the cops on them, she stops by the parties to be polite before going home to carry out her revenge. “Then once I get home, I go up to my room, get into my PJs, and call the cops. I figure I already have my alibi!” Ingraham writes. Similarly, Ingraham resents people who park in her driveway, but quickly solves this problem by calling a tow truck company.

And for those who are guilty of some of these faux pas, Ingraham might get you to even laugh a little at yourself. In the chapter titled “Disgracebook ; )” Ingraham needles the “laptop people” who infest coffee shops but aren’t really doing anything important, and poor university students whose moms want to be their friends on Facebook. She even snipes at a friend who butt-dials her. Most notable, however, is Ingraham’s description of her own dating experience.

“He looks nothing like the man I ‘met’ online … Robert described himself as ‘athletic.’ This guy had a body type like Danny DeVito’s,” she writes.

“Of Thee I Zing,” which Ingraham felt compelled to write after experiencing several signs of “impending [cultural] disaster” at a shopping mall one Saturday afternoon, works so well because Ingraham’s cultural complaints make so much sense. Too funny to put down, this cultural commentary will satisfy your inner urge to castigate those around you, while also making you question some of your own idiosyncrasies.

  • chuckh

    I will certainly read Laura’s book. She is very clever, is the British would say. She absolutely fried Matt Lauer in a recent interview. The libs hate her because she is another attractive, intelligent, Christian conservative woman.

  • pansycritter

    For Pete’s sake. This is a book review people. Lighten up. I tend to agree with conservatives more often than not on the issues, but I still enjoy the work product of liberal actors, comedians and authors. How desperate and angry do you have to be to turn this review into an opportunity to vilify Ms. Ingraham?

  • Rocketman

    “But only a lib could turn adoption into hypocrisy.”

    Amen, Sister.


  • Gloating Rich Guy

    First of all, there’s a difference between a single, affluent Mom adopting children who would have otherwise spent their life in an orphanage and a woman who screws around, lives on the government dime and refuses to ever actually parent. Our prisons are filled with the children of the latter, not the former. (BTW, this is why I’m pro-gay adoption.) Still, I don’t promote single parenting as the ideal situation. The best situation is for a child to be in a home with a mother and a father who love each other. That said, we all fall short, the goal is to not fall short and then say “let’s move society in this direction so I can feel good about myself.”

  • lukuj

    Laura has wit and wisdom. I can’t wait to read the book. As for Humorless, Laura has become a convert to Catholicism and turned her life around. She wanted to do something with the wealth she has accumulated that was meaningful. Adopting these children was a wonderful thing for her to do. She will be able to give them at least one parent rather than none and advantages they would never have had otherwise. She provides them with several good male friends (who are married and have families of their own) as father figures. I guess it just makes Humorless envious that conservative women like Laura and Michelle Bachmann actually try to help children and not just legistlate about them, that they are strong, attractive, intelligent, and moral.

    • lukuj

      Oh, and I forgot to mention she is a breast cancer surviver who supports others who are also supporters as well as contributing most of the profits for her products to a Catholic charity, Wounded Warriors, and other good causes. Hardly a person who deserved the attitude of Humorless and Zelda, I would think.

      • forkndave

        You might want to read Zelda’s post again. I believe she was quoting Humorless, not agreeing with him/her.

        • lukuj

          You’re right. I misread. Thank you.

  • Humorless

    I thought Social Cons didn’t like single women, who have numerous relationships with different men, stay unmarried, and have children and “raise them in a father-less home”?

    Guess it’s “okay” if you’re rich and rightwing, huh?

    • nonameyouknow

      I guess I don’t sit around and worry about what other people do in their private lives. I’m in no position to judge. I don’t care if said person is a Conservative (Cons) or Democrats (Rats). However, I do care if said person was sucking off the government teat (taxpayers, aka me.) Said person can live their life anyway they want, as long as they don’t expect me to pay for it.
      Difficult concept, huh?

      • zelda

        “Guess it’s “okay” if you’re rich and rightwing, huh?”

        More like if you’re financially stable and that’s it. Don’t be a burden on society.

        But only a lib could turn adoption into hypocrisy.

        • MxQuist

          With a name like Zelda, she has to be good…
          “But only a lib could turn adoption into hypocrisy.”
          Oh, for heaven’s sake, that is sooo good! Because, as it seems to be, that libs would have no need for orphanages because they would rather eliminate the problem before it is born.

    • californiacitizen

      Your ignorance is appalling. I suppose you have to trash any conservative women–especially attractive ones–but Laura ADOPTED those children. So you are an ignorant idiot who should at least do a tiny bit of fact checking before you slander someone.

      Typical lefty hate speech.

    • MxQuist

      “Humorless”..? Or is it Brainless? “Social Cons”..? How about Liberal Idiot. Obamaton, MSMedia-breastfed-numbskull…
      For the record: Conservatives love single women, single men, married women and men…quite frankly, we love people. We want for them to have the grandest experience through their lives that they are able to achieve. It is you liberatards who seem to have a problem that people exist. You must have, because you keep finding ways to diminish the quality of life that is offered by being a citizen of this (at least until two and a half years ago) Great Country.
      You have a problem with a single person having a child, tell you what, go into your bedroom and drink a tall glass of warm milk and go to bed, because those of us in the real world are trying to take care of our own lives, and do not need your unsolicited, uninformed, and uneducated opinion to get things done.

      • cat58

        Right On !

    • SargeH

      Nitwit: Your as lacking in comprehension skills as your are in humor (two typical traits of a leftwing loon. Ms. Ingraham didn’t “have” those children; she adopted them.

      • SargeH

        Excuse, make that “You’re….”

        • MxQuist

          No prob, Sarge, you are excused–but your insight is not lacking at all.