Kristol wants a Ryan–Rubio GOP ticket for 2012

On “Fox News Sunday,” Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol reiterated his support for a Paul Ryan–Marco Rubio presidential dream ticket.

“I think it should be Ryan-Rubio, but if Paul Ryan is a little hesitant to seize the moment, I think Marco Rubio has to do it and make Paul Ryan his vice president,” Kristol said. “But Ryan–Rubio or Rubio–Ryan would be a very strong ticket. These are two pretty spectacular speeches given on the floor of the House Thursday night, then on the floor of the Senate by Rubio yesterday.” (Marco Rubio: ‘Why we must save Medicare’)

While such a ticket between the House Budget chairman and the freshman Florida senator seems unlikely at this stage in the electoral game, Kristol explained how the drama over raising the debt ceiling has made the ticket more plausible.

“Yes, because the presidential candidates — Michele Bachmann is against any deal, Jon Huntsman’s for any deal,” he said. “The rest of them have been ducking or as we say in the Obama era, ‘Leading from behind.’ I think Republican primary voters would welcome a Ryan–Rubio ticket.”

Later in the show’s online segment, Kristol continued to make his case for the Ryan–Rubio ticket by citing recent history.

“A freshman senator named Barack Obama, if I recall, ran against Hillary Clinton and the Democratic establishment in 2007–2008,” Kristol said. “He did pretty well and Paul Ryan has been in Congress a lot longer than Barack Obama. And Marco Rubio has about the same amount of experience as a whole as Barack Obama. He was speaker of the Florida House. I think Ryan–Rubio would be a terrific young Republican ticket, a little bit of a change from the Bushes and the Doles.”

  • Anonymous

    Bill Kristol is an IDIOT and his favorite flavor a few years back was Sarah Palin whom he has now soured on.  What’s to say he won’t also sour on Ryan or Rubio?  I still like Sarah  Palin even though Bill Kristol has thrown her under the bus.  This silly little man is a part of what is known as the GOP Establishment who thinks THEY are the only ones qualified to choose our next President.  Pfft.  They can all go to Helen Waite.  We The People will choose our own Candidates!

    Paul Ryan will make a fine President, SOMEDAY, after he has served as a VP  or a Governor.  He is not ready, nor is Marco Rubio.  It is WRONG to put pressure on a person to run for the BIG JOB.  It has to come from someplace deep inside and Paul Ryan has said REPEATEDLY that he does not want to run.  Take him at his word!

    Rick Perry/Sarah Palin – 2012 OR,
    Rick Perry/Paul Ryan  –  2012 OR,
    Rick Perry/Marco Rubio  2012


    Rick Perry and whom ever he chooses as his VP!! 

  • Cnevins

    I think Ryan and Rubio might be a fascinating duo.  They are not tainted by the Tea Baggers; they are both smart; one is aggressive as the other is statesman like and that could be a good combination in many ways too.  They have sufficient experience and Paul Ryan has the understanding of economics that we need!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Sorry to burst your little IGNORANT bubble, but Marco Rubio was and IS a strong TEA PARTY Candidate!  And you can take your obscene ‘Tea Bagger’ remark and shove it.

  • Saddles0re

    A  Natural  born  citizen  is  when  both  parents  are  born  in  the  USA

  • Saddles0re

    A  Natural  born  citizen  is  when  both  parents  are  born  in  the  USA

  • Saddles0re

    Sorry,  Rubio  is  not  a  Natural  Born  citizen..We  need  not only  Fiscal  Conservative  candidates  but  also  socially  conservative..HERMAN  CAIN  2012!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=2404202 Garrett Baldwin

      Wait, what? Rubio was born in Miami… What are babbling about.

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  • pink

    Rubio is a rising star. He’s not going to run in 2012, and when he does–and he will–he won’t be at the bottom of the ticket.

  • lamecherry

    Anything Kristol touches is like Krauthammer, Will, Obama and Limbaugh Tea……it dies like the plague when these Obamacrats ejaculate their diseased affections on it.

  • Dragonfliez

    Michelle Bachmann is an over-botoxed, popular myth spouting, Patriot Act supporting, ex-IRS attorney.  she is TOAST, please quit even bothering to mention her.