Ron Paul makes pro-life pitch to Iowans

AMES, Iowa — Texas Rep. Ron Paul knows his conservative audience, and was sure to emphasize his pro-life beliefs in addition to his usual “freedom” stump speech at the Iowa Straw Poll today.

“Today I’m going to emphasize something slightly different than just the cause of liberty,” Paul, a Republican candidate for president, told the Ames, Iowa audience.

“Because there is something that precedes liberty, and that is life,” Paul continued. “I believe in a very limited role of government, but the prime reason that government exists in a free society is to protect liberty, but also to protect life — and I mean all life.”

Paul recalled that when he was in medical school in the 1950s “it was a non-issue. It was assumed everybody was pro-life and abortions weren’t to be done.” (RELATED: Rand Paul makes an Iowa appearance to support his father)

His campaign tent at the straw poll is in prime real estate, in a large space near the entrance. Paul signs cover the campus of Iowa State University.

“One thing about our campaign is its been identified with one particular word, and I’m very proud of it,” Paul said in his speech. “We are identified with the cause of liberty.”

  • Ry_donovanmd

    ron paul is the only man who can fix this country

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TDBYIYAKF3CP7Q7KSF2FOCEF4A Movie Fan For Jesus

    The reason to like Ron Paul (if there’s a reason to like him), is that he is a fiscal conservative with a libertarian bent.  That is, get out of people’s personal affairs.  It makes no sense that he would take an anti-choice viewpoint.  Maybe having tax dollars paying for abortions is a hard pill to swallow for many, but from a purely financial perspective, it’s cheaper than raising these children “in the system.”  Optimal: supporting education and birth control.  Second choice: good adoption options.  After that, I don’t know what’s worse abortion or an unwanted child bouncing in and out of foster homes.

  • Anonymous

    “Libertarian” moRON paul has come out AGAINST ABORTION !!!!!????? The inconsistencies and nutty positions of this mental case make my brain hurt.

    By voting to put moRon paul second, the participants in the Iowa GOP “debate” disgraced and embarrassed the REAL conservative movement, and gave the socialist media a chance to point to this nut-job as somebody who actually represents the Tea Party and conservatism, which he does not.

    Any rational person realizes that moRon paul, who actually occasionally has some good ideas (like stopping the out-of-control, reckless, irresponsible, big-bank-profits-supporting federal reserve), is basically a flake who is best ignored. (Seriously, how low and pathetic must you be to join with buffoon barney frank to co-author a “pot-for-everybody” bill in CONgress and support nukes for iran/ahmadinejad ?)

    moRon paul couldn’t win a NATIONAL ELECTION even if his were the ONLY name on the ballot.

    The responsible conservative movement is committed to having candidates for president that can actually WIN A NATIONAL ELECTION, yet remain true to conservative principles and ideals, and not to supporting a fringe ideologue like the lunatic-left d-cRAT socialists do.

    • CK4RP

      The “Tea Party” is not soley comprised of warmongers and big goverment supporters, so please don’t talk about “real” consevatives and exclude those of us who harken back to the day when REAL conservatives were “anti-war”and  pro-liberty.  Our soldiers’ lives (the blood) and the citizens’ money (the treasure) should be considered very carefully when making such monumental decisions as to go to war..  That is not to mention the collateral damage done to innocent people in the countries we continue to invade and bomb to “spread democracy”, capture terrorists and search for non-existent weapons of mass detruction (just to name a few of our urgent foreign policy issues). 

      If the facts are checked, one will find that the Paul – Frank bill simply eliminates the federal criminalization and involvement in the “war on drugs”, leaving it to the individual states to enforce.

      If the facts are checked, one will find that Paul, personally, is “pro-life”.  His policy, though, is to leave it to the states to decide and therefore continue to shrink the federal government’s ever-increasing control of our lives.

      It is irrational, radical statements like those above which cause the constant criticisms of the “Tea Party”.  The Tea Party” really isn’t a party at all.  It is the voices of the people who are beginning to awaken politically and have discoveerd that the fox has been living in the henhouse for quite some time.  Fortunately, they are patriotic and are trying to do something about it peacefully.

      Also, name calling is declasse and often renders a point of view to be dismissed because of it.

      • Sandy E

        Perry’s in.  It’s just a matter of time before Paul’s dead campaign walking goes down in flames.

    • Sandy E

      Great comment Tea Party Nation-  The DC couldn’t have set the page up more perfectly.  You see the old cranky fraud right above the one the crank thinks we are just pestering too much, Imanutjob.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZZKBYD63DHHQNGOHSBBU3EG5BU Gazoo

    Ron Paul – Cain – Ticket??    2012 for 2 terms!!   That will start us back on the path forward. End lobbying and restore representation of the people. End the Fed, and restore sound money. End the wars and restore security for America. End the Patriot Act and restore freedom to the People. End the two party illusion and restore The Constitution.

  • Anonymous

    Not “pro life” – ANTI CHOICE.

    • nick

      actually, both euphemisms are purposefully misleading, as both sides of the debate wanted to benefit from being labeled pro-anything. seems like you bought into their games quite willingly.

      the descriptive and honest positions are being for or against legalized abortion. i wish people framed the debate honestly, but it seems both sides want to obscure their true intentions. to me, its sad when someone says they are ‘for a women’s right to choose.’ to choose what exactly? why do they find it hard to say the word abortion? the pro-lifers are the same. they say they are in favor of life, but they clearly distinguish innocent life and the life of criminals. rick perry, for example, is from a death penalty state.

  • Zoro

    Article missed one of the main points of the speech. Paul accurately pointed out that the federal government forces pro-life citizens to pay for abortions with IRS enforcers. Enforcers like Bachmann.  It’s time these TP’s start to realize Bachmann destroyed citizens lives for years if they were even perceived as trying to keep what they earned. Bachmann is a bigger fraud then Mr. Head of the Fed Cain.