Christine O’Donnell: Would Piers Morgan ask Obama about masturbation?

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Tea Partier Christine O’Donnell is questioning whether CNN’s Piers Morgan would ask male politicians if they “think masturbation is wrong” like he did with her during an interview Wednesday.

In a phone interview with The Daily Caller, the former Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate from Delaware said she ended her television interview with Morgan in part because his questions to her about sex took a “borderline creepy turn.”

O’Donnell suggested there is a double standard and that Morgan wouldn’t have posed the question to male political figures.

“If he was sitting there talking to Barack Obama or Joe Biden or any other male Senate candidates, talking about masturbation and all of this stuff, it would’ve been creepy,” said O’Donnell, who is doing media appearances to promote her new book, “Trouble Maker.”

Morgan, who prefaced his question Wednesday saying he doesn’t regularly ask questions like this, played the infamous clip of a much younger O’Donnell talking about the issue on MTV in the nineties and asked her if she still thinks “masturbation is wrong.”

O’Donnell responded by saying, “lets not even go there” and then ended her interview with Morgan after he asked her about gay marriage. But she said it was Morgan’s prior questions on masturbation that really frustrated her and led her to accuse him of rudeness on air. “He kept pressing and pressing and pressing,” O’Donnell recalled.

Someone with O’Donnell’s public relations team stood in front of the camera as she left the set, but O’Donnell disputes her departure was as dramatic as portrayed on television. She said interview had gone on longer than she had expected, another reason she left the set.

“When you’re taping an interview, you don’t know when the cameras are still rolling,” O’Donnell said, “you don’t when it’s not, and they’re going ‘wrap up, we’re done. We’re done.’ If you’re looking beyond what Piers is pretending it is, I didn’t storm off.” (WATCH: Christine O’Donnell storms out of Piers Morgan interview over ‘rude’ treatment)

She added: “Keep in mind, Piers Morgan is a liberal host with his own agenda. The way that they portrayed it is taken totally out of context.”

O’Donnell said her experience with Morgan is comparable to her experience running for the Senate in 2010.

“This is exactly what we went through in the campaign,” she said. “Liberal media coming in with their own agenda, not wanting to talk about the issues at hand.” (RELATED: The most amusing parts of Christine O’Donnell’s book)

O’Donnell also told TheDC that despite her struggles with the media, she’s still glad she ran for the Senate and she’s “certainly not done with politics.”

  • jim

    she should have never been on that idiots show what did she expect from cnn = COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK

  • Digrben

    Piers Morgan is an idiot.  ‘Nuf said.

  • dallas yankee

    What is it with the libs that fascinates them about Masturbation, Piers asks about and Michael (fatboy) Moore writes about it and Weiner shows it in pictures, Maybe they could all get together and have a circle jerk

  • Rgissendaner

    piers morgan is a low life scumbag idiot

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  • cramos

    The treatment was incorrect……..

    But she is so creepy! NOT to be taken seriously………….she needs to get a real job!

    Tea Party should look at her and say we made a real mistake here….and we need to rethink who we support

  • Anonymous

    Of course not, because Obama never made public comments on the subject. That said, she was right to decline to go there and to leave when the interview continued down a hostile path. She should have answered every question with, “I was invited here to talk about my book not to be insulted by a wife beating adulterer. Tell me Piers, are you still master bating behind your wife’s back or have you stopped since last night?”