Children shocked as horror trailer is shown at ‘Puss in Boots’ screening

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Young children were reportedly left petrified after a cinema in south London accidentally screened trailers for a 15-rated horror film ahead of a showing for animated tale Puss in Boots.

Parents were forced to shield their offspring’s eyes when the screen at Wandsworth Cineworld lit up with a graphic trailer for The Devil Inside, an upcoming “found footage” -style film about exorcism and demonic possession. Inappropriate scenes included close-ups of a woman covered in cuts with demonic eyes and shots of a girl with dislocated limbs writhing on a bed.

A separate trailer for Nicolas Cage-starring comic-book tale Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance also frightened toddlers with its depiction of a motorcycle rider whose head explodes in flame shooting fire at a devil who is trying to possess a human.

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