Washington Post writer gives Biden advice on attacking Ryan

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      Alex Pappas is a Washington D.C.-based political reporter for The Daily Caller. He has also written for The Washington Examiner and the Mobile Press-Register. Pappas is a graduate of The University of the South in Sewanee, Tenn., where he was editor-in-chief of The Sewanee Purple. While in college, he did internships at NBC's Meet the Press and the White House. He grew up in Mobile, Ala., where he graduated from St. Paul's Episcopal School. He and his wife live on Capitol Hill.

On a Washington Post political blog Thursday, a Post writer offered Vice President Joe Biden strategic advice on how to attack Paul Ryan just hours before the lone vice presidential debate.

Allen McDuffee of the Post blog “Think Tanked” wrote an item in advance of the Biden-Ryan showdown in Kentucky, titled “Vice presidential debate: The chart Joe Biden should memorize.”

In the post, he suggested Biden should internalize a chart from the left-wing Center for Budget and Policy Priorities that hits Ryan with the claim that “62 percent of proposed cuts in [the] Ryan Plan come from low-income programs.”

“Tonight’s vice presidential debate presidential debate [sic] in Danville, Ky. between Vice President Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan will no doubt have several questions on the economy.” McDuffee wrote.

“Biden would do well,” the Post blogger added, “to memorize this chart from the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities that shows that for fiscal year 2013, as House Budget Committee Chairman, Ryan’s budget proposal would get at least 62 percent of its non-defense budget cuts over 10 years from programs that serve low income Americans.”

McDuffee, whose blog says he “reports on the world according to think tanks,” did not offer advice to Ryan on how to attack Biden.

Asked by The Daily Caller in an email if it was appropriate for a media outlet to advise one vice presidential candidate on the best way to defeat another, McDuffee dismissed the notion that his post helps Biden in any way.

“I’m guessing Biden has better ways of preparing for his only debate than to read a blog about think tanks,” he quipped to TheDC.

Before his blog was parked at the Washington Post, McDuffee wrote at ThinkTankedBlog.com

“Launched in the Spring of 2010 by independent journalist Allen McDuffee, Think Tanked is a blog specializing in original reporting and analysis on the influence of think tanks in the politics of Washington and beyond,” that website said.

His biography says he has written for liberal publications including The Nation and Mother Jones.

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