Political Face/Off: Which politicians could use some plastic surgery?

The problem with politics these days might just be high-def television. There is no escaping scrutiny, especially when you are in the public eye on a daily — if not hourly — basis.

The Daily Caller spoke with Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel,  professor of facial plastic surgery at Boston University Medical Center and director of Advanced Facial Aesthetics in Chestnut Hill, Mass., about the presidential candidates and their wives’ potential plastic surgery histories.

Spiegel gave us his professional medical opinion on who has had work done, who should have it done, and who “badly” needs to go under the knife.

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  • Janna Ryan is the youngest woman on this list, but she isn't spared by Dr. Spiegel. The doc calls Janna an "attractive woman," but says that he can see wrinkles on her forehead and crows feet forming, and that Botox could benefit her since she is coming "more and more into the spotlight."
  • Dr. Spiegel commends the first lady's "smooth" skin -- something that could be attributed to Botox. He said that by looking through photos he can tell that if Michelle, 48, does do Botox, she doesn't keep up with it -- but she should.
  • VP nominee Paul Ryan may only be 42, but Dr. Spiegel thinks he could use some Botox, stat. Although the doc commends his great head of hair, his very "expressive" face makes his forehead look like "corduroy pants up there."
  • If Mitt Romney has ever had Botox, Dr. Spiegel thinks it has worn off -- and that the GOP candidate could certainly use it. He said that Romney, 65, could use Botox to address wrinkles in his forehead, but other than that he looks healthy and relaxed.
  • Dr. Spiegel doesn't think President Obama has had any professional help, and suspects that a very high level of stress has contributed to the 51-year-old's very "deep lines" around his forehead and "deep groves" around his cheeks. The doc says that Barack could use Botox, as well as some fillers to give volume to his face, and maybe something to pin back his relatively large ears.
  • For a 61-year-old, Jill Biden has certainly aged well. But has she had any work done? Spiegel says it's possible that she has had Botox, and he said that she could use some Botox, perhaps a neck lift, but that she "badly" needs a facelift.
  • We can all agree that for 63, Ann Romney looks pretty damn good. Dr. Spiegel suspects that Ann's appearance could be due to "a combination of a lifetime of taking care of her appearance, good genes, and possibly taking advantage of modern medicine." Spiegel says that Ann could benefit from fillers around her nose, but that she "looks much younger than her age."
  • There have been rumors out there that Vice President Joe Biden has had everything from a hair plugs to a facelift. Dr. Spiegel said that he is "pretty confident" that Joe had a hair graph and that whoever did it "did a really good job." He also said that it's possible Joe -- the oldest person on this list at 69 -- could have had Botox, but that if he hasn't he might want to look into it. Spiegel also said that Joe would benefit from a neck lift.

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