Yet another CNN reporter swoons over President Barack Obama


First we had a CNN drone writing a letter to Obama every day for his entire first term. Now we have… this:

Can you believe it? Jim Acosta was literally 50 feet from President Barack Obama. It’s every CNN reporter’s fondest dream. I’ll bet Acosta can’t wait to tell all his little friends in the lunchroom.

But when it comes to professional comportment, there’s nobody quite like NBC’s Al “Whoopsie” Roker:

A meeting of the minds. Al looked like he was about ready to have another accident. Joe, of course, already had.

So, President Barack Obama goes into his second term secure in the knowledge that his first term wasn’t very popular. The only people who still worship President Barack Obama are safely confined to America’s newsrooms, where they can be occasionally observed but largely ignored.

(Hat tip: Newsbusters)


“No matter who’s in power.” Sure.

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