Former Bush budget director: Paul Ryan’s budget unrealistic

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A former budget director for President George W. Bush says the House Republican budget proposal is unrealistic because it assumes the repeal of Obamacare.

“Chairman [Paul] Ryan coming out saying one of the marquee issues in the budget is going to be the repeal of Obamacare. I think we fought that battle,”  Jim Nussle, said in a “Squawk Box” interview on CNBC Monday. “I think it’s over and it’s been over for some time. Good luck with that one. That doesn’t make it any more realistic.”

Nussle’s comments follow comments House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan made to television host Chris Wallace on Fox News.

“This is what budgeting’s all about, Chris,”  Ryan said, explaining his rationale to a skeptical Wallace. “It’s about making tough choices to fix our country’s problems. We believe that Obamacare is a program that will not work. We believe Obamacare will actually leave the hospitals and doctors and health care providers turning people away.”

“It’s a rationing board however you slice it,” Ryan went on to say of the new system put in place. Ryan suggested that through his budget, he will be able to change the payment mechanism and thus derail the legislation.

President Barack Obama has reached out to Republican lawmakers in preparation for the release of the House budget, and is planing to make appearances on Capitol Hill this week.

“If there is an opportunity to mend some fences, it’s going to take a little bit longer than one or two dinners out with the boys,” Nussle said. “They’re going to have to do a little more outreach when it comes to specific issues. I don’t think the budget is prime real estate for common ground these days.”

Ryan’s is expected to release his budget Tuesday.

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