Bruins assistant coach tosses earpiece into fan’s beer [VIDEO]

All this Boston Bruins fan wanted was to watch his team take on the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Then he got a gift from above.

No, not the heavenly kind. Rather, the kind when your team’s assistant coach takes off his earpiece and lobs it over his head to throw it away and it lands in your overpriced beer.

Yeah, that kind.

Bruins assistant coach Geoff Ward had had enough of his earpiece and decided it simply would not do to just drop it on the floor of the bench or place it in his pocket or a nearby trash can.

Nope, better to aimlessly toss it over your head into the crowd.

The poor fan sitting behind Ward had just taken a sip – what turned out to be his last sip, no doubt – of his beer when the earpiece landed in his beverage. His ensuing bout of confusion is priceless.


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