Ballparks with the most expensive and cheapest beer [SLIDESHOW]

A trip to the baseball stadium means “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” peanuts and frosty, delicious beer. That beer may set you back more than you think, though.

For the 2013 MLB season, the average price of a small draft beer at stadiums is $6.09, according to Team Marketing Report. The Nationals have the most expensive beers at $8.25, whereas the Diamondbacks and Indians only charge $4.

The NFL averages $7.28 per beer, the NBA $7.09 and the NHL $7.07.

Take a look at the top five most expensive, and five cheapest baseball stadiums for your alcoholic refreshment this season.

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  • Similar to the Tigers, and the other team from Texas, the Rangers, the Houston Astros charge $5 per beer. (AP)
  • Maybe the recession has hit Detroit hard, because you only need one Lincoln to grab a cold one at Comerica Park. (AP)
  • Although it's probably the only thing considered cheap in L.A., a brew at Angels Stadium of Anaheim is only $4.50. (AP)
  • Tied with the Diamondbacks for thrifty alcohol, the Cleveland Indians only ask $4 for a beer at Progressive Field. (AP)
  • They must understand the importance of a cold one in the searing desert heat, because the Arizona Diamondbacks sell beer at Chase Field for only $4. (AP)
  • If you want a beer from our neighbors to the north while watching a Toronto Blue Jays game, it's going to set you back $7.34. (AP)
  • The Minnesota Twins' home turf, Target Field, charges $7.50 for a frosty beer. (AP)
  • Citizens Bank Stadium, home of the Philadelphia Phillies, made number three on the list. Their cold ones go for $7.75. (AP Photo/Michael Perez)
  • Pricey new stadium Marlins Park in Miami may be using their high beer prices of $8 a pop to help bring back some of that revenue the county spent on the facility. (AP)
  • Washington's Nationals Park tops the list by charging a hefty $8.25 for 16 oz. of sweet, hoppy nectar. (AP)

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