Ingraham blasts ‘classless’ Rove for stomping on ‘political grave of Michele Bachmann’ [AUDIO]

After responding to former Bush speechwriter Pete Wehner Friday for his attacks on long-time conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly, Laura Ingraham took on another ex-Bush administration official, Karl Rove, on her Monday radio show.

Rove took a shot Sunday at outgoing-Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann, saying that as the chairman of the Congressional Tea Party Caucus, Bachmann “did nothing.”


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Ingraham called out Rove and suggested he direct his fire at her instead of Bachmann.

“I’m getting a little tired of these Bush people,” Ingraham said. “We didn’t need Karl Rove taking a swipe at Michele Bachmann. That was classless. We’ll get into that as well — classless. You know, pick on me Karl, OK? She’s on her way out. For someone to say she’s never done anything for conservatism, she has never done anything, she doesn’t do anything — she’s bowing out. I mean, do you have to stomp on the political grave of Michele Bachmann? Does that really make Karl Rove feel better about himself?”

Ingraham reminded her listeners of Rove’s less-than-stellar results in the 2012 election, both as a player involved with the group American Crossroads and as a prognosticator with Fox News.

“You know what happened in the last election?” Ingraham said. “I wouldn’t be throwing stones at other people and their contributions to conservative thought, thank you very much.”

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