Rick Perry says 2016 presidential run ‘an option’

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry hinted at what his future political ambitions might be on the eve of what he called an “important announcement.”

Fill-in host John Roberts pressed Perry on what the announcement might be, asking if it could be another presidential run.

“Well, certainly, that’s an option out there, but, again, we got a lot of work to do in this building right behind me over the course of the next couple of weeks that have my focus substantially more than even 2014 or 2016,” Perry replied.

Roberts went on to cite a poll that showed Perry lagging far behind fellow Texan Republican Sen. Ted Cruz in a potential presidential match-up, but the Texas governor dismissed it as too far out.

“Well, the work that needs to be done is right here in this building behind us,” Perry said. “And, you know, polling for an election that’s better than two years off is, I suppose good for polling companies, but frankly, it’s not much good — and I don’t get distracted by those. My work is behind me to make sure that innocent life is protected in the state of Texas, to make sure that women get the healthcare that they deserve in these clinics, and to make sure that this is done safely and appropriately. That’s what we’re focused on. That’s where we’re going to be. And the politics will play itself out over the next two and a half years before 2016 shows up.”

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