UMD prof: In wake of Trayvon, it’s legal to hunt down children

A professor at the University of Maryland sent an email to students in which he claimed that because of the Trayvon Martin verdict, it is legal to hunt down and kill children.

William Dorland, a professor physics of director of UMD’s Honors College, also insisted that the current Supreme Court is the most activist in the nation’s history, and has conspired with radicals — including gun manufactures and supporters of marijuana legalization — to overturn established laws relating to guns and drugs.

His email to students was ostensibly for the purpose of inviting them to a guest lecture series called “Civil War to Civil Rights: The Well Being of a Nation,” according to Campus Reform.

“This year, we learned that it is legal to hunt down and kill American children in Florida,” wrote Dorland in the email. “This year, the most activist Supreme Court in the history of the United States and radical factions of gun owners, gun manufacturers, and marijuana users are challenging the very fabric of the nation.” (RELATED: What the hell’s the matter with Maryland?)

It can be assumed that not all of Dorland’s honors students share his views on the legality of hunting children, and whether the Supreme Court reasserting the text of the Second Amendment to the Constitution is in fact a challenge to the very fabric of the nation.

Nevertheless, a spokesperson for the university told Campus Reform that Dorland has the right to his opinions.

“The University of Maryland affirms every individual’s 1st Amendment Rights, including freedom of speech,” wrote UMD spokesperson Crystal Brown. “The sentiments issued by Professor Dorland reflect his personal point of view, not those of the university.”

Dorland did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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