Kanye West goes on incredible ALL CAPS TWITTER RANT

Taylor Bigler | Entertainment Editor

It’s been a few years since Kanye West went on an insane, ALL CAPS TWITTER RANT. It has only been a few days, however, since Kanye West said some amazingly insane things like how he is better than Michael Jackson and is the “No. 1 rock star on the planet.” (RELATED: Kanye West said six insane things in just 60 minutes)

Since Kanye’s remarks are always ripe for mocking (or, in our case, celebrating), Jimmy Kimmel spoofed the rapper’s BBC Radio 1 interview Wednesday night on his late-night show. He filmed a child reading Kanye’s quotes because — get it? — Kanye is like a child.

Kanye, however, did not find this funny and called Kimmel on Thursday night before his show aired to deliver a quasi-threat, saying telling the comedian that his “life would be much better if [he] apologize[s].” He then went on an unintentionally hilarious rant against Kimmel about his ex-girlfriend Sarah Silverman, his comedy prowess and his relationship with Ben Affleck.

Instead of apologizing, Kimmel read Kanye’s tweets on air almost as fast as he could send them. (Some of these are explicit, so beware if you have delicate sensibilities.)

Kanye West Twitter meltdown

One of Kimmel’s favorite things to do is pull elaborate Internet stunts in the hopes that they will go viral, so this could very well be another one of his pranks. But it seems like a fairly random thing to make up and these tweets are just insane enough to actually be from Kanye himself. (RELATED: Jimmy Kimmel reveals ‘TWERK FAIL’ prank)

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