Who would be in a tea party presidential administration? [SLIDESHOW]

Koala McDidgeridoo

Many tea party conservatives are angry and disappointed by the GOP’s failure to defund Obamacare. They feel disrespected by Barack Obama and betrayed by the GOP establishment. “If only,” many probably wonder, “true conservatives were in charge of the Republican Party and, ultimately, the country.”

But what would a presidential administration look like if the tea party took over Washington? Who would be president, Secretary of State and EPA Administrator? Well, such an administration might look something like this.

Click an image below for larger version.
  • President of the United States: Ted Cruz. (PHOTO: AP)
  • Vice President of the United States: Allen West. (PHOTO: AP)
  • Michele Bachmann (PHOTO: AP)
  • Secretary of the Treasury: Herman Cain. (PHOTO: AP)
  • Attorney General: Mike Lee. (PHOTO: AP)
  • Secretary of Defense: Ted Nugent. (PHOTO: AP)
  • Secretary of Energy: Sarah Palin. (PHOTO: AP)
  • Secretary of Homeland Security: Steve King. (PHOTO: AP)
  • Secretary of Commerce: Dan Cathy. (PHOTO: AP)
  • EPA Administrator: James Inhofe. (PHOTO: AP)
  • U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations: Louie Gohmert. (PHOTO: AP)