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AMAZEBALLS BuzzFeed editor expresses gratitude for Twitter 

“Today was a great reminder of how much I love all of the amazing people I’ve met through the Twitter box. … Thank you for being a friend.” — BuzzFeed‘s Legal Editor Chris Geidner, who was clearly hallucinating this morning. 

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In other smart moves, radio journo seeks medical advice from Twitter followers

“How many of you have gotten a bad cold w/sore throat, laryngitis, gotten over it, only to get it back in a few wks? Advice? #ouch” — Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham.

Oh, and the pitfalls of Twitter…

“Sometimes I tweet and then don’t check Twitter for hours, only to find a slew of unfriendly tweets later. Thankful@annecronin saved me!” — Politico Deputy Managing Editor Dianna Heitz. The mentioned Anne Cronin is also a deputy managing editor at Politico.


On Bashir’s poopy behavior 

“Bashir’s apology sounded sincere, but there still has to be consequences for reprehensible behavior.” — Breitbart editor John Nolte.

Conversation Between Two Journalists I

Townhall columnist Derek Hunter: “No one knows the plight of the poor like people born into money who work for ego, right @Toure?”

MSNBC’s Touré: “That’s so not me.”

Journo getting hooked on ‘Breaking Bad’ 

“Just started watching ‘Breaking Bad’ this week. What’s more addicting: that show or actual meth?” — TheBlaze‘s Oliver Darcy, late to the game but at least he’s here. Coworkers beware.

Former MSNBCer dings network 

“Progressives say they win arguments that are fact based. If that’s what you want in news, turn off MNBC and watch [Al Jazeera] #realnews.” — Al Jazeera’s David Shuster, formerly of MSNBC fame.


Conversation Between Two Journalists II

Commentary‘s John Podhoretz: “I’m watching Chris Matthews and finding it difficult actually to understand a word he’s saying. He needs to drink some water.”

WaPo‘s Jennifer Rubin: “Or you need to drink scotch .. It might help or at least dull the pain.”